Can the Internet of Things be secure?

Can the Internet of Things be secure?  The impact on privacy and data control
with Mark O'Neill, Dan Blum and Jonathan Rodriguez

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Hangout background:

Today it seems everything is either already networked, or will be soon. Methods originally used to hook up office printers are now being applied to cars, wearable devices, building sensors and security systems and ... you name it.  As more devices are added, we find ourselves questioning whether we are taking adequate security measures, using appropriate access control and privacy methods, and properly defining who owns the data. 

Every one of these emerging "intelligent networks" -- ranging from systems in a home (appliances, heating, cooling, communications, entertainment) ... and business (security, inventory, HVAC and access) ... to the devices in your car, on your body (wearable monitors, geolocators and mini-smartphones) or even in it (diagnostic devices and  caregiver-assistance sensors) ... is generating data.  Often very informative and private data.

This live video conversation allowed three IoT experts an opportunity to share their perspectives on:

  • Will there be an "SOA of Things" or a "Cloud of FitBits"?
  • Do adequate security and access control methods exist for the IoT?
  • Who owns the data?
  • Can privacy rights be designed into the IoT?

Guest speakers:


Dan Blum is an internationally-recognized expert in security, privacy, cloud computing and identity management. At Respect Network, he focuses on architecture, business development and consulting. Formerly, he was a Golden Quill award-winning VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner and one of the founding partners of Burton Group. Recently honored as Privacy by Design Ambassador, Daniel has also authored 2 books, written for numerous publications and participated in standards groups such as OASIS, Kantara Initiative and others. His articles appear regularly regularly at

  Mark O'Neill co-founded Vordel, a leading SOA Security and API Management vendor, which was acquired by Axway in 2012. He is author of the book "Web Services Security" and a frequent speaker and blogger on security and integration topics.

  Jonathan Rodriguez is the product manager for the Niagara Framework software. He’s been a member of the Tridium team for three years with a background in software development and marketing.

  James Bryce Clark, General Counsel for OASIS, advises on legal and policy matters as well as the consortium's extensive liaison efforts. He is an expert adviser on automated contracting and Internet law for the U.S. State Department, and serves on standards interoperability and review boards for the European Commission,  the OECD, NSTIC and the Kantara Initiative.  Jamie holds JD and BSc degrees from the University of Minnesota.