2012 International Cloud Symposium

Wednesday Agenda | Day One

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Plenary Speakers:

Dawn Leaf
Sr Executive for Cloud Computing

Craig Burton
Distinguished Analyst

  Laurent Liscia
Executive Director
  Ken Ducatel
Head of Unit, Software & Services Cloud
European Commission
Arrival Coffee & Registration



Welcome & Keynote Addresses

John Sabo, Chair, IDTrust Member Section

Laurent Liscia, Executive Director, OASIS

Adil Soussi Nachit, Account Manager, Belgium Ministry of Finance

Dawn Leaf, Senior Executive for Cloud Computing, National Institute of Standards & Technology

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SESSION ONE:  'Digital Government'

The White House has revealed a comprehensive Government-wide strategy and roadmap to build the ‘21st century Digital Government that will deliver better digital services to the American people.’ The strategy outlines initiatives and principles that will guide federal agencies as they deliver citizen-centric, digital information and services across a variety of platforms, devices and delivery mechanisms (e.g. websites, mobile applications, and social media). The mission is to build openness, yet paradoxically, security and privacy into the infrastructure of all government IT assets. The envisioned collaboration between agencies will facilitate information sharing, leverage economies of scale; reduce data silos and duplication while delivering better services to citizens at a reduced cost. During this session our guest speakers will share their perspectives on this Government-wide strategy and how their organizations are facilitating the mission.

Session Chair:  Jamie Clark, General Counsel, OASIS


Rober Bohn, Cloud Computing Program Manager, NIST Information Technology Laboratory

Deb Gallagher, Division Chief of the Identity Assurance & Trusted Access Division, GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy

Anil Karmel, M&O Chief Technology Officer, Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Energy

Gray Brooks, Senior API Strategist, Digital Services Innovation Center, General Services Administration

Luncheon, sponsored by CA Technologies


PLENARY SESSION: What It Takes for a Large Enterprise to Play Securely in a Cloud-based Economy

Sounil Yu, Security Evangelist and Director of Research & Development for Information Security Programs, Bank of America









SESSION TWO: Risk Management & Legal Issues in Cloud Practice

Governments and industry alike constantly must adapt and respond to the risk management and compliance issues caused by an ever-growing body of regulations and practices, and the evolution of new risks.  In this session, the speakers will prepare participants to meet these challenges by discussing current trends, issues, and strategies to operate and adapt in that environment, including industry assurance practices, issues of location, and contractual attempts to cope with or harmonize multiple, conflicting various legal requirements.

Session Chair:  Jamie Clark, General Counsel, OASIS


Christopher Paul Dodorico, Director, Washington Federal Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Andy Murren, Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Luke Pedersen, Partner, Baker & Botts LLP

Steve Mutkoski, Worldwide Policy Director, Microsoft

Peter Alterman, Chief Operating Officer, SAFE-BioPharma Association

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PLENARY SESSION:  Latest in Cloud Standardization Initiatives

Get a preview of the newest and most relevant Cloud standardization projects. ICS will feature briefings on new and soon-to-be announced initiatives at OASIS.  CAMP (Cloud Application Management for Platforms) will standardize PaaS API, enabling the interoperability needed to deploy applications across cloud platforms from multiple vendors.  CloudAuthZ will generate profiles for cloud authorization and entitlements, allowing authorization policies to be enforced as close to the consumer as possible.  This session will also include updates on TOSCA, which enhances the portability of cloud applications, IDCloud, which defines profiles of standards for identity deployment, provisioning and management, and Trust Elevation, which works to define a set of standardized protocols that service providers may use to elevate the trust in an electronic identity credential presented to them for authentication.

Session Chair:  Scott McGrath, Chief Operating Officer, OASIS


Charles Tupitza, Solutions Consultant, JumpSoft Inc. (CAMP)

Rakesh Radhakrishnan, Vice President and Senior IAM Architect, Bank of America (CloudAuthZ)

Paul Lipton, Vice President, Industry Standards and Open Source Programs, CA Technologies (TOSCA)

Gershon Janssen, Independent Consultant & TC Representative, Identity in the Cloud (IDCloud)

Abbie Barbir, VP, Senior Architect, Global Information Security, Bank of America (Trust Elevation)


PLENARY SESSION:  Trust in the Cloud: NSTIC and the Identity Ecosystem

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) is a White House initiative calling for the private sector to collaborate on the creation of an “Identity Ecosystem” where individuals can choose from multiple identity providers and digital credentials for more convenient, secure, and privacy-enhancing transactions anywhere online.  NSTIC implementation has now shifted into high gear, with the launch of the privately-led Identity Ecosystem Steering Group in August, as well as the award of more than $9 million in pilots.  Jim Sheire, Senior Advisor in the NSTIC National Program Office, will lay out the case for tackling cloud identity via a public-private partnership and detail the ways in which you and your organizations can and should participate in the coming months, including how to leverage the funded pilot projects that offer innovation and best practices in the Identity Ecosystem.

James Sheire, Senior Advisor, NSTIC, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US Department of Commerce


Networking Mixer, sponsored by IBM

All ICS participants are invited to join us immediately following the plenary session for hors d’oeuvres and refreshing libations!  This is a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues, make new acquaintances, and initiate new business!