2013 International Cloud Symposium

Post-event materials, available to all:


Representatives from the above companies will attend ICS to demonstrate how one of our OASIS standards, TOSCA, can be used to describe typical enterprise applications. The group will showcase a specific use case that which will demonstrate a customer relationship management (CRM) application running on top of a relational database, as well as how TOSCA service templates can be exchanged between cloud orchestration tools from many different vendors.

The original objectives of the TOSCA technical committee were to define a language to support “semi-automatic creation and management of application layer services” and “application portability across alternative cloud implementations”. That second objective could have been satisfied by requiring the use of the same cloud orchestration tool on multiple cloud implementations, but the interoperability demonstration shows something even more impressive: different cloud orchestration tools from different vendors can all interpret and run TOSCA service templates the same way. As a result, enterprise customers can move applications from one cloud to another, even when the clouds use different cloud orchestration solutions, and application developers can offer service templates with their applications that specify how to manage the application on a cloud. Portability plus semi-automatic management equals expanded customer choice and improved cost, reliability and time-to-value.