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OASIS Adoption Forum --

Implementing e-Business Open Standards for End Users and Public Administration

6 October 2004
Crowne Plaza Brussels City Centre
Brussels, Belgium

OASIS Technical Committee Meetings
4-5 October 2004

Event Overview

Government has long been a major user of information technology and governmental IT purchases can have a significant impact on and play a role in determining standards for the private sector. The lesson of the Internet shows the value of standards in IT developments. Public institutions and companies can develop interoperable systems by establishing common specifications and protocols for e-Business. e-Business standards built upon consensus benefit both public and private organizations and provide stable targets to which IT vendors can build their products. The OASIS Adoption Forum will explore and present real world examples of e-Business implementations using open standards to promote widespread adoption!

Who is using open standards today? How are they being implemented together to achieve practical business goals? How do you know if something is a true standard and why would that matter?

The OASIS Adoption Forum on Implementing e-Business Open Standards for End Users and Public Administration is a one-day event designed for providers, integrators and users of e-Business systems for public administrations and private enterprises. Speakers and attendees will explore the breadth of what can be achieved today using work underway in the e-Business open standards community. The Forum will feature presentations that will enable organizations to learn about the development and adoption of open standards in areas such as Web services implementation, e-Government, transactional security and localization.

Main topics addressed at the Forum will include:

  • The Importance of open e-Business Standards -- providing a forum to allow a variety of view points on why standards are important to both the end user and governmental communities. We will discuss both the business case for standards use, and the increasing regulatory and RFP demands for building on open standards.
  • Report from the front edge of Web services - How do standards for management, message reliability and business process rules fit together? How are these standards being used in practical implementations?
  • 21st Century Use Cases -- Real life case studies of how businesses, governments and others are actually implementing service-oriented architectures today to solve practical needs.
  • Transactional Security - examples of the deployment of standards-based authentication, assurance and protection methods for information security; how they fulfill policy and business goals for users; and consideration of how these methods combine and interact with standards for conducting enforceable business transactions, effective official notices and other reliable data exchanges.
  • Localization Industry Practices - standards-based methods and practical developments for improving the availability of information, and facilitating effective, efficient business exchanges across the rich diversity of global cultures and languages.

Who Should Attend

Enterprise and government users of e-Business and service-oriented architecture methods; Web services developers, vendors and designers; and consultants helping business and government assess their e-Business needs and maximize their e-Business investments.

Ways to Participate -

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