About the Conference

OASIS, in collaboration with EEMA, plan to bring together international experts to stimulate fresh thinking and novel approaches to dealing with security and privacy risks in the context of our increasingly hyperconnected world of complex applications and distributed devices.  Hosted at CA Technologies historic Ditton Manor conference centre, near Windsor, the conference will generate dialogue across government and business, combining high-profile keynote speakers, interactive roundtable sessions, and moderated debates.  Additional networking events will complement each day's agenda, offering opportunities for real-time collaboration.

Conference Overview: As critical infrastructures, applications, devices, and individuals rapidly become networked and inter-dependent, impacting virtually every facet of our personal, social, governmental and economic lives, the management of information security and privacy risks must also expand and deepen to keep pace with the threat landscape.  Understanding risks and having mitigation strategies are our only hope. Long term planning, that incorporates solutions at every level including very large-scale systems, is key.  For example, it is a challenge to manage the complexity of cloud applications composed of many different components, services, and requirements while managing different devices, accounts and identities, each with their own privacy regimes, applications, access controls, and determined adversaries.  And with new, hyperconnected devices and infrastructures – the Internet of Everyone and Everything – risk becomes even more difficult to assess and control. 

Our role as international collaborative organizations is to educate and to advocate responsible risk management measures that will work in this new hyperconnected world and allow us to invest in building long term, secure and privacy-sensitive systems, devices and data centers that protect individuals’ privacy, and reliably execute responsible security policies.  

This community event is designed to provide practical guidance to those looking to take advantage of secure and creditable identity and privacy options. Thought-provoking presentations and panel discussions will tackle the key issues in our hyperconnected world. Everyone is welcome to share their experiences and recommendations during the programme, as well as hear the latest on the new advances in security, identity, privacy, and cloud being developed and deployed by industry, government and on behalf of citizens.

  • Participation

Delegates responsible for influencing and managing identity, security and privacy at all levels within their organizations, or for developing and managing complex cloud applications, should consider attending, including: policy-makers, CIOs, ICT administrators, developers, leaders, engineers, technology experts, technical managers and strategists working on the latest leading-edge technology developments, concepts, theory, and applications.

In order to facilitate meaningful interaction, onsite participation will be limited to 150 delegates. The conference is interactive in nature, so everyone is welcome to share their questions, challenges, experiences and recommendations with our expert panel of guest speakers. 

Delegates will be asked to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. A minimal registration fee will be charged to cover the basic services throughout the two-day conference. Space is limited, so please don't hesitate to register now

Contact us for information on the Conference, contact events@oasis-open.org.