OASIS Interoperability Showcase @ RSA 2016



29 February-4 March 2016
Moscone Center
San Francisco, California


Twelve companies showcase interoperable products using the OASIS KMIP and PKCS #11 standards. Cryptosense, Cryptsoft, Feitian, Fornetix, Oracle, P6R, QuintessenceLabs, and Utimaco will showcase PKCS #11. Cryptsoft, Fornetix, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, P6R, QuintessenceLabs, SafeNet, Townsend Security and Utimaco will showcase key management with KMIP.

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Demonstration Overviews

Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) Demonstration

The OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) specification for interoperable communication between key management clients and key management servers will be demonstrated in the OASIS Booth at this year’s RSA Conference and Exposition. Shown during this demonstration are clients from Cryptsoft, Fornetix, P6R and Quintessence Labs communicating with key management servers from Cryptsoft, Fornetix, HP, IBM, Quintessence Labs, SafeNet, Townsend Security and Utimaco. The clients and servers will be demonstrating the responsiveness of the KMIP Technical Committee to new requirements from the encryption and security markets in the form of the latest work in progress KMIP v1.4, the committee specification draft KMIP v1.3 and the current specification KMIP v1.2.   This OASIS KMIP interoperability demonstration provides an excellent opportunity for vendors and end-users to see multiple versions KMIP in practice, demonstrating the value of KMIP as the standard for enterprise key management operations in multi-vendor environments.

PKCS #11 Demonstration

The OASIS PKCS#11 Cryptographic Token Interface (PKCS11) specification - an application programming interface (API) for cryptographic token devices - will be demonstrated in the OASIS Booth at this year’s RSA Conference and Exposition. Shown during this demonstration is PKCS#11 consumer technologies from Cryptosense, Cryptsoft, Fornetix, and Feitian communicating with Provider technologies from Cryptosense, Cryptsoft, Oracle, P6R, Quintessence Labs and Utimaco. The demonstration will demonstrating the latest work of the PKCS11 Technical Committee showcasing vendor independent storage of cryptographic information and performance of cryptographic functions including generating, finding and using cryptographic objects including combinations of one or more symmetric keys, asymmetric keys, or certificates between vendor systems. Support for a range of versions of PKCS11 will be demonstrated. This OASIS PKCS11 interoperability demonstration provides an excellent opportunity for booth visitors to see multiple versions of PKCS11 in practice, demonstrating the value of PKCS11 as the standard for interacting with cryptographic devices in multi-vendor environments.

Demonstration Participants

You can visit these companies' web sites by clicking on their logos, or drop by the booth (#825) at the event.

Cryptosense software discovers vulnerabilities in cryptography. Our technology gives enterprise security teams on-demand analysis and real-time monitoring of vulnerabilities in cryptography on the network, in applications, in services and in cryptographic libraries like PKCS#11. Our unique combination of machine learning, fuzzing and logic-based analysis algorithms hunt systematically for implementation flaws, cryptanalytic vulnerabilities, mis-configurations and insecure use of cryptography. Based in Paris, France and founded in 2013, our clients include top international banks and IT firms. For more information, visit http://cryptosense.com.

Established in 1996, Cryptsoft is an Australian security firm providing specialist products and services for software and hardware developers in the areas of security system design, deployment, validation and interoperability. Cryptsoft offers a range of software development toolkits to enable the rapid integration of enterprise key management and encryption solutions into applications and systems ranging from embedded platforms through to enterprise class appliances and servers. For more information, visit www.cryptsoft.com.

FEITIAN is a public company incorporated in China and a trusted leader in the global market for contact and contactless smart cards, EMV chip cards, payment terminals, and user authentication solutions for secure online banking and transaction security.  Our end-to-end turnkey solutions include secure hardware, operating systems, middleware, software application, and services such as personalization and remote lifecycle management. Established in 1998, FEITIAN has developed as an essential component in the information architecture of private and public enterprise, government, and educational institutions throughout the world.  More information is available at http://www.ftsafe.com.

From core to edge and beyond, Fornetix reduces costs, improves security and removes operational complexities by automating and optimizing enterprise encryption key management services. Our Key Orchestration™ product’s cornerstone functions; Policy Engine, Workflow Automation, Audit/Tracking, and Highly Scalable Architecture, interoperate and integrate easily with existing systems, network components, and encryption technologies – giving businesses a powerful platform to wield encryption as a secure data weapon - protecting all forms of data, whether at-rest or in-transit. For more information, visit http://fornetix.net.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
is an industry leading technology company that enables customers to go further, faster. With the industry's most comprehensive portfolio, spanning the cloud to the data center to workplace applications, our technology and services help customers around the world make IT more efficient, more productive and more secure.

IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 100 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM software offers the widest range of infrastructure software for all types of computing platforms, allowing customers to take full advantage of the new era of e-business. For more information, visit www.ibm.com.

Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. With more than 400,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—in more than 145 countries around the globe, Oracle is the only vendor able to offer a complete technology stack in which every layer is engineered to work together as a single system. Oracle’s industry-leading cloud-based and on-premises solutions give customers complete deployment flexibility and unmatched benefits including advanced security, high availability, scalability, energy efficiency, powerful performance, and low total cost of ownership. For more information, visit oracle.com.

P6R specializes in providing innovative multi-platform solutions to a broad range of businesses. P6R's Secure KMIP Client Toolkit provides the full KMIP 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 standards implementations. The KMIP client's multi-layered approach allows developers to use the level of functionality that best suits their needs. As with all of P6R's products, our Secure KMIP Client Toolkit is available for Linux and Windows.  P6R's PKCS 11 Provider (version 2.40) contains both a KMIP enabled token and a software token.  P6R is a member of both the OASIS KMIP and PKCS 11 Technical committees and actively contributes to the development of the KMIP standard. For more information, visit www.p6r.com.

QuintessenceLabs is the leader in quantum cyber-security, delivering solutions to secure valuable data in-transit, at-rest or in-use. Harnessing quantum science, QuintessenceLabs’ products uniquely maximize security, increase ROI from existing assets and reduce data-security management complexities. Our Trusted Security Foundation combines a high speed quantum true random number generator, a powerful vendor neutral key and policy manager, and an embedded secure key store, delivering the strongest basis for your security. To find out more, visit www.quintessencelabs.com.

SafeNet Identity and Data Protection solutions enable enterprises, financial institutions and governments to protect data, digital identities, payments and transactions–from the edge to the core. Our solutions take a data-centric approach to security with innovative encryption methods, best-in-class crypto management, and strong authentication and identity management to help customers protect what matters, where it matters. For more information visit www.safenet-inc.com.

Townsend Security is a leading provider of encryption and key management systems for over 20 years. We help each and every one of our customers achieve industry standard data protection and meet compliance regulations in less time and at an affordable price. Townsend Security provides companies with cost-effective, easy-to-use, NIST compliant AES encryption and FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption key management solutions to meet evolving compliance requirements and protect sensitive information. For more information visit www.townsendsecurity.com.

Utimaco is a leading manufacturer of hardware based security solutions that provide the root of trust to keep cryptographic keys safe, secure critical digital infrastructures and protect high value data assets. Only Utimaco delivers a general-purpose hardware security module (HSM) as a customizable platform to easily integrate into existing software solutions, embed business logic and build secure applications. Tens of thousands of enterprise and infrastructure companies rely on Utimaco to guard IP against internal and external threats and protect hundreds of millions of consumers globally. For more information, visit https://hsm.utimaco.com.