1. Which OASIS documents may be translated?
    Any published OASIS document may be translated, although we strongly encourage volunteers to focus their energies on approved OASIS Standards.
  2. Who may make a translation?
    The Consortium encourages participation from all who consider themselves to be technically qualified and who recognize the need in their regional community to translate an OASIS Standard, specification, or document. OASIS membership is not required, although participation in the work of OASIS Technical Committees is strongly encouraged. Companies, government agencies, or other organizations that would like to fund a translation of one or more OASIS Standards are encouraged to contact translation-admin@oasis-open.org for details.
  3. In what format should translations be published?
    OASIS strongly encourages open-text electronic formats (XML or HTML) for all communications.
  4. May the translation be sold?
    You may charge a fee for a translation in any format (including print or CD), provided a free HTML version of the translation is also made available as a publicly accessible Web resource.
  5. Will OASIS publish the URL for a translated specification?
    OASIS plans to publish links to all translated specifications that meet its Requirements for Translation, however, the Consortium is under no obligation to do so.
  6. Will OASIS endorse or comment publicly on the quality of a translation?
    OASIS does not maintain the resources to endorse, certify, or recommend any translations, nor does it make public statements concerning usability. Thus, there are no “official” translations of OASIS Standards or specifications.
  7. Does OASIS permit multiple translations of the same document?
    OASIS discourages duplication of efforts whenever possible, however, it does not seek to control or mandate good faith endeavors to make its work accessible to the global community. To ensure a proposed translation is not already available or in progress, volunteers are encouraged to subscribe to translators@lists.oasis-open.org. There, separate individuals or teams may decide to combine their efforts into a collaboration to save time and increase productivity. Should two different translations of the same OASIS Standard or specifications exist, for whatever reason, OASIS will provide links to both compliant documents, trusting the public to determine which is most useful.
  8. Can OASIS withdraw its permission to publish a translation?
    Copyright on all OASIS Standards, specifications and published documents is solely owned by OASIS Open. These resources may be used only under terms of permission granted by OASIS. Derivative works may not be created without the express permission of OASIS. Terms of the Translation Policy do not constitute unconditional permission; nor do they imply surrender of intellectual property ownership by OASIS. In an extreme circumstance, where a publicly accessible translation is judged by OASIS to be harmful, OASIS may exercise the right to require the translation to be corrected or withdrawn.