OASIS Open Foundation-as-a-Service will streamline the process of forming and running your Foundation. Our support and experience will help you make smart decisions, avoid mistakes, and achieve your goals. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Commit to Statement of Work and Retainer. One (or more) of your group’s founders signs the SoW and provides $25,000 to cover pre-launch services. These funds will count towards your Core Services fee.
  2. Create your Bylaws. We will work with you to create Bylaws to meet your goals and ensure nonprofit compliance. We’ll provide template text and advice but we don’t dictate your membership or rule choices–those are all up to you.
  3. Create a first-year budget using our template. Your budget must demonstrate your ability to sustain fiscal viability and cover the annual Core Services Administration fee. We can help you estimate expenses.
  4. Get approval from the OASIS Board. We’ll submit your Bylaws and Budget along with our feasibility recommendation to our Board of Directors on a confidential basis. They will review to ensure your plans comply with our FaaS Operating Rules.
  5. Set up your official organization. We’ll file all the documents needed to form your Foundation under the umbrella of our nonprofit tax status. We will set up your group’s own bank accounts, accounting, and member processing systems. The remainder of your first year’s Core Services fee will be due at this point.  
  6. Launch. OASIS will collaborate with you to announce your Foundation to the world. From here, you will manage your group’s press relations, outreach to prospects, events, and other activities using your own suppliers, volunteers, and/or OASIS staff (billed at cost). We’ll continue to promote your milestones via our channels as part of our core services.

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