Kavi® Billing Help

Chapter 10. Account Balances Report


Use the Account Balances report tool to view outstanding balances for the accounts. With this tool, you can view all the accounts which have bills whose payment has not yet been received.

Use the Account Balances page to:

  • Generate a real-time view of outstanding balances of accounts in the Kavi Billing database.

  • Get useful information for troubleshooting.

  • Generate a downloadable or print-ready report of this information.

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How to use the Account Balances report tool

Search for an account

Search for an account or set of accounts in the billing database by setting any or all of the optional fields to refine the search criteria. To view all available account data, leave the search fields set to the defaults.


Account Name

Enter the name of the user or company whose billing account you want to access. To reduce the number of potential matches, restrict the search by setting the other search field. To increase the number of potential matches, expand the search by entering partial values for account name, or leave the other search field set to the default value.

Account Type

Set this value to search for accounts with a specific Account Type, which includes User, Company, Pending User or Pending Company, or leave it at the default setting All Account Types.

Select an Account

From the list of accounts, select an Account to access its billing information. Check the radio buttons to select/deselect the accounts. If there is only one account record, it will be preselected. If you do not see the account you are looking for, click 'Back' to try the search again. Entering more details in the search will result in a smaller number of accounts from which to select.

Account Balances Report

An account balances report is displayed based on the search criteria you provided. You may opt to display or download the report. Account data downloaded from this report shows one account per line. The report displays the following columns: name of the account, all the bills in that account and the balance due.

Options available on the report are:


Removes the look and feel of the web site surrounding the report and scales the displayed report for printing.


Select a file format and download the data in this report to a file on your computer.

Available file formats are:

Comma-Separated-Values (CSV)

File format used to transfer data from one application to another. Each record comprises one line, with values for that record separated by commas (e.g., first name, last name, email address).

Excel Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet of data created by, and which can be opened and manipulated by, Microsoft Excel.

Pipe Delimited (available on most reports)

File format used to transfer data from one application to another. Each record comprises one line, with values for that record separated by pipes, (e.g., first name | last name | email address).

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