Kavi® Billing Help

Chapter 11. Bill Data Report


The Bill Data report shows real-time content of the bill database. The Bill Data report tool is used to create customized reports listing all the bills in the database or for a subset of bills, including only bills from a specific account or of a certain status or payment type. The report can be printed or downloaded. Use this tool to get detailed bill related information.

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How to Use the Bill Data Report

Bill Search and Select

Set search criteria to find a bill, or set of bills. The search retrieves bills that meet all your criteria. If you don't see the bill you want, click the Back button and set more general criteria.


Bill ID

This is the unique Bill ID issued at the time of bill creation. This is the quickest way to retrieve a bill.


Select the name of the user or company whose billing account you want to access.

Bill Name

Enter the partial or full name of the bill you want to access. To reduce the number of potential matches, restrict the search by setting the other search fields. To increase the number of potential matches, expand the search by entering partial values for bill name, or leave the other search fields set to the default value.


Select the state of the bills you want to see (i.e. 'Paid', 'Unpaid' or 'Canceled').

Payment Method

Use the Payment Method option only when retrieving bills that are paid. If this option is set, your search won't retrieve any unpaid bills.

Bill Data Report

A bill data report is displayed based on the search criteria you provided. You may opt to display or download the report. Bill data downloaded from this report shows one bill per line. Each column heading shows the name of a field as it is recorded in the database. The report provides detailed bill information such as Account, various bill statuses, Item Key, Created By etc. It also provides information about various bill related dates e.g. Issue Date, Due Date, Payment Date, Refund Date, Cancel Date etc.


The viewable report may not include all fields. For all available fields, download your report.

Options available on the report are:


Removes the look and feel of the web site surrounding the report and scales the displayed report for printing.


Select a file format and download the data in this report to a file on your computer.

Available file formats are:

Comma-Separated-Values (CSV)

File format used to transfer data from one application to another. Each record comprises one line, with values for that record separated by commas (e.g., first name, last name, email address).

Excel Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet of data created by, and which can be opened and manipulated by, Microsoft Excel.

Pipe Delimited (available on most reports)

File format used to transfer data from one application to another. Each record comprises one line, with values for that record separated by pipes, (e.g., first name | last name | email address).

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