KaviŽ Billing Help

Chapter 20. Edit a Bill


Use the Edit a Bill tool when you want to fix typos in the bill name, edit the description, extend the due date or change the amount. If you do change the bill amount, it is recommended that the reason for the change be included in the bill description and Activity Notes. This will help explain any discrepancies between the bill final amount and the amount expected by the application that created this bill, such as Kavi Members.

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How to Edit a Bill

Bill Search and Select

Set search criteria to find a bill, or set of bills. The search retrieves bills that meet all your criteria. If you don't see the bill you want, click the Back button and set more general criteria.


Bill ID

This is the unique Bill ID issued at the time of bill creation. This is the quickest way to retrieve a bill.


Select the name of the user or company whose billing account you want to access.

Bill Name

Enter the partial or full name of the bill you want to access. To reduce the number of potential matches, restrict the search by setting the other search fields. To increase the number of potential matches, expand the search by entering partial values for bill name, or leave the other search fields set to the default value.


Select the state of the bills you want to see (i.e. 'Paid', 'Unpaid' or 'Canceled').

Payment Method

Use the Payment Method option only when retrieving bills that are paid. If this option is set, your search won't retrieve any unpaid bills.


Edit the bill's due date, amount or other details. If you change the amount, remember to add this information to the description.


The bill information is displayed for you to review. Remember to add an Activity Note if you made any significant changes. Activity Notes are saved in this bill's Activity History and can only be seen by Billing Admins.

Send Email

If you wish to enable any of the email scheduled for this action, click Send this Email. The selected email is displayed so you may add or edit the message, add or subtract from the listed recipients, etc.


The edited version of this bill is now available in all tools, invoices and receipts. If you opted to send email, the message has already been sent to the mail queue.

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