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Chapter 28. Edit Template


Customize the email and form templates used by Kavi Billing to convey your organization's message to use with the send template email and schedule overdue reminders tools. Use variables to include information from the database in email sent to users. Edits to templates will take effect immediately and will show up the next time Kavi Billing uses that template. All the templates stored by Kavi Billing can be edited.

Use the Edit Template page to:

Edit email templates used by Kavi Billing to convey your organization's message.

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How to Edit a Template

You can edit templates for use with the Send Template-Based email tools and in the schedule of overdue reminders.

Edit Template

The following fields are displayed:

Template Name

This should be a unique and descriptive name. For example, 'First Notice of Bill Due Date' or 'Bill Overdue Notice'.

When used

The related action upon which the template can be sent. For example, 'Sent after a bill is past due' or 'Sent to alert a user of an impending due date'.


The subject of an email notice template will be the subject of the email notice sent out if scheduled. It will be the first thing a user will read. The subject should be clear, direct, and as specific as possible to inform the user about why they should read this message.


Type the body of your message in the text box. Use the available variables and your own text. Text can be formatted using spaces and line breaks for email templates, but HTML formatting is not allowed to ensure the security of mail sent to members from Kavi Billing.

Available Template Variables for Users

A list of the variables that are available to be included in the template text. Variables are used to represent information stored in the database. The variables available by default for email sent to a user are shown in the table below. The variables shown here may differ from those available on your site depending on how Kavi Billing is configured.

Table 28.1. Template Variables

Variable Example
$account_contact_address 123 SW Main Street Portland, OR 97215 USA
$account_contact_name Jane Doe
$account_manage_url http://billing.qa.kavi.com/kbilling/account
$account_name Example Corporation
$admin_email janedoe@example.org
$bill_amount $456.00
$bill_bill_date 1 Oct 2004
$bill_bill_id 10-1-2004_105
$bill_cancel_date 7 Oct 2004
$bill_description Vendor Membership fees
$bill_due_date 3 Oct 2004
$bill_get_total $456.00
$bill_get_total_due $456.00
$bill_get_total_paid $0.00
$bill_invoice_number ABC-1009
$bill_invoice_url http://billing.qa.kavi.com/kbilling/account/bill_invoice_view?selected_bill_key=c41213af72dc908bae9f36c90ed9af4c15778a92
$bill_name Vendor Membership
$bill_pay_date 4 Oct 2004
$bill_payment_method Credit
$bill_payment_number 123-XYZ
$bill_purchase_order 6672904-394
$bill_receipt_url http://billing.qa.kavi.com/kbilling/account/bill_receipt_view?selected_bill_key=c41213af72dc908bae9f36c90ed9af4c15778a92
$bill_refund_amount $200.00
$bill_refund_date 8 Oct 2004
$bill_surcharge $5.00
$org_name Example Organization


Preview the message. All variables will be replaced with information from your personal account to make it easier to see what messages will look like when they are sent. If you are satisfied with this message and are ready to save this template, click 'Save Template'. If you want to make more changes, click 'Back'. The new template text will be used the next time email is sent using this template.

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