Kavi® Billing Help

Chapter 7. Manage my Account


The Manage my Account tool is used by individual account holders to view their bills. The bill's invoices and reciepts can be accessed. Links to pay the bill will be available here.

Use the Manage my Account page to:

  • View your bills.

  • Select payment methods for paying them and entering the payment information.

  • Check the balance for all your bills.

  • Print bill invoices and receipts.

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How to Manage my Account

Select the Billing Account

This page provides links to all billing accounts that the logged in user can access. Usually this will be a single account. If you have a billing account of your own and are also the billing contact for a company, you will have links to manage both your own and the company account.

Manage the Billing Account

The account name and the total outstanding balance from all bills for that account are displayed.

The list of all bills for the selected account are displayed with the following information: Bill Name, Bill Status, Due Date, Bill Amount and the actions that can be performed on that bill. These actions depend on the status of the bill. For example a paid bill will have the link View Receipt associated with it. A new bill will have the links View Bill and Pay Bill available. From the list of bills, select a bill to access by clicking on a link next to it.

The View Receipt and View Bill links will display a printer friendly receipt and invoice of the bill.

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