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Chapterá31.áManage Organizational Properties


Set various defaults for the organization such as administrative email, administrative copy email, Due Date, Bill ID template etc.

Use the Manage Organizational Properties page to:

  • Set the administrative email.

  • Set the default due date for the organization.

  • Set the Bill ID template.

  • Set whether you want to collect invoice numbers from the users.

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How to Manage Organizational Properties

Set Properties

Edit the required fields and any of the optional fields to set the organizational properties.


The email address are prefilled from Kavi Members and system-level defaults.


Administrative Email

Mail sent from Kavi Billing will be from this address by default.

Administrative Copy Email

The Email address copied on mail sent by Kavi Billing.

Default Due Date

Time period in days after which a bill is due. This will pre-populate a new bill's due dates relative to the day it is created. For example, if you set the default due date as 10 days, a bill created on 10/26 will be due on 11/5.

Bill ID Template Variables

Displays available variables for formulating the Bill ID.

Bill ID Template

The ID template lets you set what the Bill ID components will be. Bill IDs are created automatically based on this template. For example, if you create the template $month-$day-$year_$counter using the available variables, it may be displayed as 10-26-2004_117 for a bill created on 10/26/2004.

Collect Invoice Number

Clicking Yes on this allows you to optionally collect an invoice number on the bill payment forms. This field is for use specifically when invoices are generated by an accounting system prior to the bill's creation on the web site, as a means of tracking online payments associated with paper invoices.

Collect Purchase Order Number

Clicking Yes on this allows you to optionally collect a purchase order number from organization administrators and customers on the bill creation and payment forms.

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