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Chapterá32.áManage Payment Methods


The Manage Payment Methods page displays the various payment methods configured for the organization, and links that allow you to to Add, Edit and Delete them. These payment methods will be available for users to choose from when paying bills.

Use the Manage Payment Methods page to:

  • View the payment methods configured for the organization.

  • Add offline payment methods.

  • Add an online payment method.

  • Edit payment methods.

  • Delete payment methods.

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How to use the Manage Payment Methods tool

Add a Payment Method

Payment methods, if so configured, will be available for users to choose from when paying bills. To add a new payment method, click the Add an Automatic Method or Add a Manual Method link. An automatic method will be supported only if Kavi Commerce is installed. Only one automatic method can exist at any time. Multiple manual payment methods can be added. Once an automatic method has been added, this link will no longer be available. See the details under Edit a Payment Method for more information about payment method options.

Edit a Payment Method

To edit a method, click the Edit link.

The Edit a payment method page displays the following fields:


The name of the Payment Method. (e.g. Check, Wire Transfer, Credit etc)

Payment Method

This states whether the payment method is manual (e.g. Check, Wire Transfer) or automatic (e.g. Credit Card). Automatic payment methods could allow the bills to be paid instantly.

Collect a Payment Number

Set this if you want to collect a tracking number when bills get paid (e.g. check number). If this is not set to collect payment numbers, the field will be hidden on the Complete a Payment and Pay a Bill page. If this is set to collect payment numbers, it will be an optional field on the Complete a Payment and Pay a Bill page.

If this field is selected and payment numbers are collected for certain bills, and sometime later if it is deselected, the bills with associated payment numbers will continue to display them.


The state of the payment method. An active payment method is allowed to be selected by users when they pay bills. An inactive payment method will not be displayed when the users pay bills.

Payment Instructions

Enter instructions to customers on how to complete this kind of payment, including a mailing address, tracking numbers, or any other necessary information. For any manually processed payment methods, it is crucial to include very clear payment instructions.


Enter an amount that will automatically be added to any bill paid with that payment method. For example if you add a surcharge of $10 to cover your costs for the wire transfer payment method, a bill for $100 paid with this method will be automatically made out for $110.


This states if a payment method will be selected by default on the Pay a Bill page. Only one payment method can be selected as default at any given time.

Delete a Payment Method

A payment method cannot be deleted when a bill exists that has been paid with that payment method and the Delete link will not be available. e.g. deleting all bills using it allows one to delete the method.

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