Kavi® Billing Help

Chapter 26. Manage Templates


The Manage Templates tool is used to customize the billing message for the organization. There are three major types of templates. General Email templates are used to send notices when bills are added or updated. Reminder templates are based on due dates and overdue notices can be scheduled to go out automatically in relation to a bill due date. The invoice and receipt templates are used to display invoices and receipts online for users to print out during the billing process. Only custom templates not in use by the automated overdue schedule can be deleted. All other templates are in use by the application and cannot be deleted.

Use the Manage Templates page to:

  • Customize the billing message for the org.

  • Add a new Reminder Template.

  • Edit a Template.

  • Delete a Template.

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How to use the Manage Templates tool

The list of templates is divided by template types, including general templates, custom templates and page text templates. Each row shows the template name, its subject, a description of when it is used, and the partial text of the template. All the templates stored by Kavi Billing can be edited, but only custom templates can be added and deleted.

Add a new Reminder Template

Reminder templates are custom templates based on due dates, and overdue notices can be scheduled to go out automatically. To add a new custom template, click the Add a new Reminder Template link.

Edit a Template

To edit a template, click the Edit link.

Delete a Template

Only custom templates can be deleted. To delete a template, click the Delete link. You will then be able to review the template to make sure it is the one you wish to delete before permanently deleting it from the database.

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