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Chapter 33. Schedule Overdue Notices


Automate email reminders about overdue bills. Scheduled reminders will go out nightly. Reminders will not be sent for bills that are in dispute. The templates for these notices can be configured in the Manage Templates tool in the administrator pages.

Use the Schedule Overdue Notices page to:

  • Automate email reminders about overdue bills.

  • Add an overdue notice.

  • Edit an overdue notice.

  • Delete an overdue notice.

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How to use the Schedule Overdue Notices tool

Add an Overdue Notice

Add a notice to automatically send an email reminder about an overdue bill. See the details under Edit an Overdue Notice for more information about notice options.

Edit an Overdue Notice

To edit a notice, click the Edit link.

The Edit Overdue Notices page displays the following columns:

Email Template

Select an Overdue Notice Template name from the dropdown and click the button Change Template . The corresponding template text will be displayed.

Template Text

The text of the Overdue Notice Template selected from the list is displayed.

Schedule Email

Set the time period in which the notice should be sent. Enter the number and select days/weeks/months that the notice should be sent before/after/on.


Select the contacts that the emails should be sent to. Email configured to go out to contacts will go to all contacts of that type. For example notices to Billing Contacts will go out to all billing contacts in the company. Enter additional email addresses if you want the email to be sent to users other than the company contacts and administrators.

Delete a an Overdue Notice

Deleted notices will no longer be sent to the assigned email addresses. To delete a notice, click the Delete link. You will then be able to review the notice to make sure it is the one you wish to delete before permanently deleting it from the database.

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