Chapter 1. Welcome to Kavi Workspace!

Kavi Products and Online Help

Kavi employs the "software as a service" model to deliver a secure, scalable collaboration environment for your standards organization, trade association or ecosystem. Kavi Workspace consists of a set of Kavi applications, such as Kavi Groups and Kavi Members, that work alongside third-party open source software. On your organization's collaborative website, Kavi Workspace may be deployed along with other Kavi products, such as Kavi Membership, Kavi Status Tracker or Kavi Showcase.

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Navigating Kavi Online Help

Kavi products provide extensive online support options, including the help here in the Kavi Help Center. The top-level Getting Started area, where you are now, provides access to several kinds of resources, of which the online help is only one. The online help is structured as a set of books, with one book for each component application, as we'll explain in a moment.

Kavi Help Center

When you visit the Kavi Help Center, you'll see a series of tabs that you can use to navigate to all the different support and help resources. Navigate from tab to tab by clicking on any tab you want.

Kavi Help Center Tabs

Getting Started

You are here.

This section provides introductory material about the functions that each Kavi application performs within a Kavi Workspace-based system, plus some tips to help new users get started. The Kavi Glossary can be a useful reference for anyone who participates in the organization or manages a website. It includes definitions that are specific to Kavi applications, but also defines terms that are in common usage in standards organizations and the World Wide Web so you can use it as a reference any time you encounter a term you don't know well yet.

Product Help

Click this tab and you see an index of the help for all the Kavi applications installed on your site. Each application is also listed on the bar below the tabs. When you click on the name of an application in either of these displays, the table of contents for that application's help appears. The product help for each application is organized into a book.

The first section in each book is called Concepts, and provides in-depth information about use and configuration of Kavi tools for every kind of user. If you belong to the organization, you probably only need to refer to a small number of the Concepts documents. If you act as a company contact or have another special role in the organization, a somewhat larger percentage of this material will apply. If you are an Organization Admin or Super Admin, most or all of this material will apply to you, depending on your site's configuration. If you are a new administrator, you can use the concepts section like a textbook to familiarize yourself with the application. Many of the Concepts documents provide links to the tools you need so you can move quickly back and forth between the help and the actual tools.

When you enter the Kavi Help Center by clicking a help icon, the help for the page you are on is displayed. Once you are inside the Kavi Help Center you can navigate by following links inside the page help, using the application help table of contents, or by using tabs or search tools. A Related Topics section at the bottom of each Product Help document can point you towards Concepts documents and other tools that offer similar functionality to the tool you are currently using.

Product Versions

The Release Notes describe the major themes of each release of an application. The Changelogs detail each change in an application.

Organization Admins use the Release Notes and Changelogs to familiarize themselves with recent changes in their system, and to look for new features they've requested on behalf of their organization. If you click the Release Notes or Changelogs link for an application, you can drill back in time to get a historical perspective on how the system has evolved over time in response to customer requests.


This tab provides links to the Kavi Support Site, to Kavi training videos, and a Support Request Form that you can use whenever you want to send email to your organization's website administrators. Kavi Support offers administrators easy access to the Request Tracker. All other material is publicly available, so anyone can view Kavi announcements, training materials and documentation. Note that the PDFs are not updated as frequently as the HTML versions of the product help manuals.


This is the same index that appears on the Product Help tab.


If you want information on a particular topic, the Search tool at the top of the page can retrieve all available information on this topic from the help. If you use this feature, you are taken to the Search tab where you can view the results of your search. You may search across the help for all applications, or limit the search to specific applications.

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Kavi Products and Component Applications

Figure 1.1. Kavi Product Suite and Components

Diagram showing the relationship between
	    Kavi products and their
	    component applications. In Kavi Workspace, the core applications provide a seamless workspace environment:
	    Kavi Groups, Kavi Members, Kavi Mailing List Manager and
	    Kavi Edit. Kavi Membership is comprised of the Kavi Members
	    membership feature augmented by Kavi Billing and Kavi
	    Commerce. Kavi Comment tracker is a feature available in
	    Kavi Groups. Kavi Showcase and Kavi Status Tracker are separate
	    applications. Kavi component
	    applications are
	    described in greater detail in the following sections.
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KaviŽ Workspace

KaviŽ Groups

Kavi Groups is the collaborative workspace that gives distributed working groups everything they need to view and participate in group activities. Built to support organizational infrastructure, Kavi Groups coordinates your work by providing protected online group home areas where group members have all the tools they need at their fingertips.

Kavi Groups includes tools to create your committee structure, manage roles and privileges, and codify rules for sharing and publishing of documents, ballots, calendar events and more. Email lists, RSS feeds, and desktop-calendar integration keep group participants informed about group activities.

Click here to go to the Kavi Groups help Table of Contents.

KaviŽ Members

Kavi's member management application manages the organization's company and user database, automates and personalizes member communication, and maintains company rosters. Kavi Members provides up-to-the-minute contact information and appropriate access to website tools. It tracks user roles and permissions for all Kavi applications throughout the Kavi Workspace system, and provides controlled access to website content.

Click here to go to the Kavi Members help Table of Contents.

KaviŽ Mailing List Manager (KMLM)

Kavi Mailing List Manager is used to create and manage mailing lists and email aliases. A variety of lists are supported, including public, private, moderated or unmoderated types. The software controls who has permission to post to each list, who can subscribe via email, and the availability of email archives. Administrators can manage subscriptions by list or by member, and use troubleshooting tools to monitor bounce removals and site traffic.

Click here to go to the Kavi Mailing List Manager help Table of Contents.

KaviŽ Edit

Kavi Edit is a convenient Web content editing tool that makes it easy to create new pages and keep existing pages up-to-date. Editors can use Kavi Edit to add navigational elements, graphics and downloadable files. Administrators can assign editing privileges on a page-by-page basis as desired, or keep Web content in the hands of a few designated editors. Changes go live as soon as they're approved. Kavi Edit provides a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editing mode as well as a source mode that allows you to edit the HTML source of a page directly.

Click here to go to the Kavi Edit help Table of Contents.

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KaviŽ Membership

Kavi Membership includes the membership feature of Kavi Members, plus the Kavi Billing and Kavi Commerce applications.

KaviŽ Members

Kavi , it handles membership signup and renewal processes, and provides membership reports and advanced member management tools.

Click here to go to the Kavi Members help Concepts document on Membership.

KaviŽ Billing

Kavi Billing issues bills and invoices for membership fees automatically, as well as online, print-ready receipts. It can be extended to accommodate other kinds of fees. Kavi Billing consolidates an account's billing history into a single place and centralizes an organization's methodology for accepting payment, creating bill IDs and other billing details. Kavi Billing interacts primarily with Kavi Members and Kavi Commerce, providing membership billing for Kavi Members and seamless integration with Kavi Commerce tools that allow members to pay bills online with a credit card.

Click here to go to the Kavi Billing help Table of Contents.

KaviŽ Commerce

Kavi Commerce provides SSL-protected forms for collecting credit card information and interacts with payment processing gateways to process credit card payments online.

Click here to go to the Kavi Commerce help Table of Contents.

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KaviŽ Showcase

Kavi Showcase provides organizations with a browseable, searchable library of member profiles and a catalog of compliant products, white papers or other items. It can be configured to allow member company representatives or users to maintain their own profiles, complete with links to its website, a company description, logo, keywords and other information. Each profile can have one or more catalog items associated with it. Catalog items are also searchable and can include a product photo, description, a link to download a file, and information for multiple contacts. Kavi Showcase can be configured to submit profiles and catalog items for moderator review, and widgets can be enabled to highlight new additions or feature select profiles and catalog items.

Click here to go to the Kavi Showcase help Table of Contents.

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KaviŽ Status Tracker

Organizations use Kavi Status Tracker to keep track of ongoing projects and present different views into the project to different audiences.

Click here to go to the Kavi Status Tracker help Table of Contents.

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KaviŽ Comment Tracker

Kavi Comment Tracker is a feature that can be enabled in Kavi Groups for organizations that require formal handling of comments on documents and approval ballots.

Click here to go to the Kavi Groups chapter on Kavi Groups help.

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