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Chapter 13. Complete a Transaction


The Complete a Transaction tool is only available when Kavi Commerce is in test mode during site setup. When you are in test mode and taking the place of the gateway, you must manually respond to all pending transaction requests submitted to Kavi Commerce by other applications. The link to 'Complete a Transaction' is only available from the 'Manage a Transaction' page for manually processed transactions in a pending state.

If you are a Billing Admin, click here to access the Manage a Transaction tool.

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How to Complete a Transaction


Enter the transaction information into the search fields, then click Search. Setting more detailed search criteria retrieves a smaller set of results, so you get a faster response time and when the results are displayed, it's easier to find the transaction you want. If you search by more than one field (e.g., 'Date Created' plus 'Card Holder'), the results include only those transactions that match all your search criteria.

You may enter full or partial values in the search fields. For example, entering an Order Id of '12' into the search field will match Order IDs of '08123' and '12345' as well as '12'.


Search by the transaction's Order ID to find a transaction quickly.

It's not a good idea to leave all the search fields blank, since this will retrieve every transaction in the database, which could take a while and even slow site response times.


Click the button next to the transaction and then click Select. If there is only one transaction listed, it is preselected for you. If you do not see the transaction you want, try changing the number of results shown on the page, or click the Back button, then refine your search criteria to retrieve a broader set of results (e.g., enter a partial name or transaction number in case there is a typo or other variation in this data).


The transaction's current status is selected in the status drop-down list. Set whichever status you want depending on whether you want the transaction to show as having failed or succeeded.

For failed transacions, you may opt to enter a failure message to be returned to Kavi Billing.

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