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Chapter 6. Gateway Messages

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What Is a Gateway Message?

What Is a Gateway Message?

Gateway messages are sent between Kavi Commerce and the PayPal gateway. Kavi Commerce sends transaction information to the gateway to charge a credit card or issue a refund. The gateway then responds with either a success or a failed message.

Messages entered in Kavi Commerce by administrators also show up in the gateway messages, including notes about why a transaction was refunded.

If a transaction fails, the gateway message includes a code or explanation of why the card failed, which is printed with the transaction. For more detailed information about why a specific transaction failed, you may need to visit the gateway's website page explaining their error codes.

Kavi Commerce asks to charge a card:

14 Jun 2004 17:17:25 Sent New Request for charge sent

The gateway replies with a success message:

14 Jun 2004 17:17:27 Received Charged Charge Successful

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