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Chapter 11. Manage a Transaction


The Manage a Transaction tool allows Organization Admins to view all available information for a single transaction, along with a link to the Manage a Bill tool.

Depending on the status of the transaction, a link to refund this transaction may be displayed. Since refunds should almost always be initiated in Kavi Billing, you should use the link to the Manage a Bill tool unless you are sure you need to perform the refund through Kavi Commerce. Don't use the Kavi Commerce refund tool until you have studied the Issue a Refund page help.

If you are a Billing Admin, click here to access the Manage a Transaction tool.

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How to Manage a Transaction


Enter the transaction information into the search fields, then click Search. Setting more detailed search criteria retrieves a smaller set of results, so you get a faster response time and when the results are displayed, it's easier to find the transaction you want. If you search by more than one field (e.g., 'Date Created' plus 'Card Holder'), the results include only those transactions that match all your search criteria.

You may enter full or partial values in the search fields. For example, entering an Order Id of '12' into the search field will match Order IDs of '08123' and '12345' as well as '12'.


Search by the transaction's Order ID to find a transaction quickly.

It's not a good idea to leave all the search fields blank, since this will retrieve every transaction in the database, which could take a while and even slow site response times.


Click the button next to the transaction and then click Select. If there is only one transaction listed, it is preselected for you. If you do not see the transaction you want, try changing the number of results shown on the page, or click the Back button, then refine your search criteria to retrieve a broader set of results (e.g., enter a partial name or transaction number in case there is a typo or other variation in this data).

View Transaction Details

Basic Transaction Information

Order ID

A unique ID assigned to this transaction. This usually matches the Bill ID of the membership bill.


The gateway used for this transaction. This is either PayPal or Manual Processing Mode, depending on the Gateway Configuration.

Gateway Transaction ID

A unique ID assigned to this transaction by the gateway. A Kavi Commerce Order ID may not always map to the same Gateway Transaction ID. For example, PayPal would assign one 'Gateway Transaction ID' to the transaction that occurred when a credit card was charged, and another to a transaction that later refunded the charge.


The status shows where the transaction is in its life cycle. See the Transaction Status Descriptions table for more information.

Created by

Shows which application created this transaction. Normally this will be either Kavi Billing or Kavi Commerce.


This is set by the application that created the transaction.

Original Amount

This is the amount that is originally charged.

Charged Amount

The amount shown here is always the current amount charged to the credit card. For an uncharged transaction, the amount is $0. If the transaction is Charged, this amount is the same as Original Amount. If this transaction is Returned, the amount shows any remaining balance. If the transaction has been fully refunded, the amount is $0.

Credit Card Information

The credit card type, last four digits of the credit card number, and expiration. This is the only credit card information stored in Kavi Commerce, which does not store the full credit card number.

Cardholder Information

The cardholder's name and phone number are shown. The cardholder's email address may also be available.

Gateway Messages

Messages sent between Kavi Commerce and the gateway that record the success or failure of each transaction.

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