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Chapter 5. ECommerce Security in Kavi Membership


All Kavi Commerce interactions over the Internet are encrypted using SSL, and security checks are enforced throughout all Kavi Membership components.

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Security Policies in Kavi Software

All Kavi software development follows these basic security policies.

  • Bounds on all values input through forms are checked and error conditions are raised if an error is detected (invalid form values, user modified GET strings, stale pages).

  • Access to restricted areas is managed and controlled via Kavi Members.

  • All transactions are logged, including any error conditions.

  • All Kavi Commerce error logs are available for review by administrators.

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Credit Card Handling

The only credit card information stored by Kavi Commerce is the last four digits of your credit card, which is printed on receipts for your convenience, and the expiration information. Your full credit card number and security code (if used by this organization) are sent directly to PayPal through a secure, encrypted SSL connection.

In the event that a transaction needs to be reviewed or refunded, Kavi Commerce stores transaction IDs that can be used to identify a specific transaction with PayPal.

  • Kavi Commerce is designed to implement all required standards published by the processing gateway and credit card companies.

  • System security on Kavi-hosted portions of your organization's website is monitored as specified in your Kavi service agreement.

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