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Chapter 9. Special Transactions and Account Statements

Basic Transactions

When you pay a bill online with a credit card, Kavi Commerce quietly initiates a transaction with the PayPal gateway, and stores transaction details for the organization's records and your receipt. The transaction is also logged. PayPal authorizes the charge, then debits your credit card and deposits the payment in the organization's account. Kavi Billing, the Kavi Membership billing component, uses some of the transaction details to generate your receipt. In most cases, the transaction is processed smoothly, as reflected in your credit card account statement.

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Your Credit Card Account Statement

It is usually easy to spot your membership fee payment on your credit card account statement, but in cases where there is a refund, or a security code check fails, it might not be so straightforward.


Successful charge transactions and payments are immediately recorded in Kavi Membership. The debit to your account and the deposit in the organization's account should be recorded within 1 to 2 days.


When an administrator refunds all or part of your membership fee through Kavi Membership billing tools, Kavi Commerce immediately sends a refund request to PayPal. When PayPal replies, Kavi Commerce records whether the refund was processed successfully, and displays a message to the administrator. The refund should appear in your account within 1 to 2 days.

Dual Transactions Due to Failed Security Code Check

This isn't common, but some PayPal processors authorize a charge even if the security code check fails. This charge is immediately voided by Kavi Commerce. If this happens, you'd see pair of transactions on your statement: an entry where the account was charged, followed by the voided transaction that reversed this charge. For example, if the membership fee is $500, you'd see a pair of entries consisting of a debit of $500, followed by a credit of $500.

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