Kavi Edit Help

Chapter 10. Assign Editor Types to Pages


The Assign Editor Types to Pages Tool is used by organization editors to control access to website pages. Once editor types have been assigned to a page, only users who have been assigned a matching editor type can use the Kavi Edit tools to edit this page. If this page has any subpages, the subpages inherit this editor type.

Every page automatically inherits the default editor type 'Organization Editor', so any user designated as 'Organization Editor' is automatically granted permission to edit all editable pages of a site.

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How to Assign Editor Types to Pages

Select a page, then assign one or more editor types. You may view the page to be sure you are assigning the correct types. Click Done when you are finished assigning editor types to pages.

Select the Page

Find the page for which you wish to assign editor types in the 'Editable Pages' section and click Select. You may click View so you can review the page before assigning editor types. If this page has any subpages, they will be assigned the same editor type.

page type icon

An icon representing the type of page (e.g., 'kp' for KPage).

page in URL

The name of the page as it will be displayed in the URL (e.g., '/contact_us').

page name

The name of the page displayed on the page (e.g., 'Contact Us').

editable by

A list of editor types currently assigned to this page.

Select Editor Types

In the 'Editor Types' section, click the checkbox for any editor types you wish to assign to this page.


Click Assign to assign the selected editor types to the selected page. Once these editor types have been assigned to this page, only users assigned the editor types listed on this page will be able to edit this page.

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