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Chapter 14. Browser and Known Issues

About Kavi Edit

The following table contains browser-related issues and other known issues that you may encounter when working in Kavi Edit, the conditions under which each issue may occur and any known workarounds. Remember that Kavi Edit is designed to provide you with a convenient spot editor. It is not intended to replace web page authoring tools.

Minimum platform requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows 95 or later; Mac; Linux.

  • Browsers: Firefox 1.0 or later, Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5 and 6.0 with JavaScript enabled (Windows only), Mozilla 1.7.3 or later, Netscape 7.2 or later.

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Browser Issues

Table 14.1. Browser Issues

Issue Description Firefox 1.0 Internet Explorer 6.0, 5.5 Mozilla 1.7.3 Netscape 7.2
Table row justification off, cell content outside table In IE 6.0, tables with headers may appear with the top row (the 'th' cells) center justified, and subsequent rows left justified. If you attempt to fix the justification by selecting all the cells and clicking the center justify icon, some of the cells' content may move outside the table.   X    
Header tag cell content not formatted In IE, formatting changes applied to table body cells are automatically applied to the table header (i.e., 'th') cells as well. This does not happen in browsers that adhere to web-coding standards for table header formatting.   X    
The toolbox didn't open right The toolbox opened as a new tab in the browser window in Netscape 8.0. Workaround: Save your work, then click the toolbox tab to access all the usual tools.       X
Unable to drag table or image Cannot select and move tables and images across the Edit Content tab's WYSIWYG editor with a mouse. Workaround: In some browsers, you can add tabs to reposition tables and images. Otherwise, you will have to save any edits and switch to the Edit Source tab. X   X X
Deleted link reappears Delete a link. When you begin to add a new link by typing the link text, the browser recreates the link you just deleted. Workaround: Go up or down a row, then retype the link text. X   X X
Unable to delete a table While on the Edit Content tab in the WYSIWYG editor, you cannot always delete a table by selecting the table and clicking 'Delete'. Workaround: Select and delete each column individually. Repeat until all columns have been deleted. X   X X
Setting table text color changes border color In Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape, changing the text color for table cell content changes the table border color, rather than the color of the text. This occurs only when the color change overrides styles defined in the CSS. In IE, you can override the color of table content style set in the CSS. The optimal solution is to change the color of the table text in the CSS, since locally overriding the CSS is a generally deprecated practice. X   X X
Unable to delete anchor In IE 6.0, the anchor name is not visible so you cannot delete the anchor in the Edit Content tab. Workaround: Save your work, then click the Edit Source tab to view the source code and edit the anchor.   X    
Unable to clear multiple table cells Select multiple table cells and press delete. The content of the cells is not deleted. Workaround: Select the contents of an individual cell, then press delete to clear that cell.   X    
Image not displayed If an incorrect image URL is entered, the image does not display at all. IE displays a box with an X. X   X X
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Known Issues

Table 14.2. Known Issues

Issue Description Ticket number
The WYSIWYG editor isn't displayed on the Edit Content tab The WYSIWYG editor may not display on Mac OS X with Mozilla and Firefox when you click the Edit Content tab. It does not display well at any time when using the Safari browser. Unable to reproduce consistently.
Unable to apply Normal style Cannot change text style to normal by clicking Normal in the pulldown list or by clicking the remove format icon. Known issue for the Edit Content WYSIWYG editor on all platforms. Try selecting the Body style, then use soft returns (shift + enter) to prevent white space between paragraphs.
Unable to remove background color Cannot remove background color by clicking the Remove Format icon. Known issue for the Edit Content WYSIWYG editor on all platforms. Select text and set the background color to white.
I can't get to the WYSIWYG editor The HTML source is displayed on the Edit Content tab instead of the WYSIWYG editor and the HTML checkbox that would switch you to the WYSIWYG mode is missing. Occurs erratically. Try reloading the page.
Save Changes box won't go away Save changes and attempt to switch tabs or quit the session, but the box reappears. The application added an HTML <br/> tag after the save, so now it wants to save again. Occurs on Netscape 7.2 on Linux OS. Occurs erratically. Workaround: Since you already saved your work once, go ahead and discard the edits when the Save Changes box reappears. All you will lose are the inserted <br/> tags.
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