Kavi Edit Help

Chapter 8. Editor Admin Tools


The Editor Tools page provides access to tools used by organization editors to set permissions for different types of site editors to control who can edit the site content using Kavi® Edit tools. You must have been assigned the 'Organization Editor' user type in Kavi Members to access these tools.

Organization Editors can access this tool by appending '/keditor' to the site URL.

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How to Use the Editor Admin Tools page

This page provides access to the following tools:

Manage Editor Types

This tool is used to manage existing editor types and create new editor types. When an editor type is assigned to a web page, the page can only be edited by users who have been assigned the same editor type. For instance, a 'Special Project Editor' editor type could be created, then assigned to the Special Project pages. The person responsible for editing the Special Project pages would then be assigned the 'Special Project Editor' editor type, at which point this person would be able to edit these pages.

Assign Editors

This tool is used to assign editor types to users to grant them editing privileges for pages that are controlled by this editor type.

Assign Editor Types to Pages

This tool is used to control access to pages based on editor types.

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