Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 51. Add a Dynamic Mailing List


Use the Add a Dynamic Mailing List tool to add custom Dynamic Mailing Lists for your organization. Dynamic Mailing Lists are query-based mailing lists where the Subscriber Lists are populated each time mail is sent to the list according to defined subscriber selection criteria. Because subscribers are selected dynamically, the subscriber lists always draw on current Kavi Dynamic data. You must finish configuring any lists added through this tool through standard KaviŽ Mailing List Manager Admin Area tools, as described in About Dynamic Members Mailing Lists.

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How to Add a Dynamic Mailing List

This query is similar to the queries you create in Kavi Report Builder, except that all the fields here are fixed and there is a good chance that you'll select multiple fixed fields (this isn't common in reports). Select the fields, then set the operator and value for each field to define the query that populates the Subscribers List.


Set the name and description of your mailing list, then select the fields for your query. All these fields are fixed, which means you assign an operator and a value on the next step.


Enter a name for your Dynamic Mailing List. This name is used to form administrative email addresses for this list, so short names work best. Most organizations use abbreviations to construct list names. Names must be all lowercase, but may contain alphanumeric characters, underscores (_) and dashes (-). List names cannot consist solely of numerals. Spaces, periods and special characters are not allowed.


Once a mailing list is added, the name cannot be edited because of dependencies in the system, so be sure the name is entered correctly before saving your new list.


Enter a short description for your mailing list, including what kinds of subscribers it has. Other administrators may rely on this description to explain who is being selected or excluded from this list if the query is complex.


Select the fixed fields you want to use to retrieve or filter out subscribers. All these fields are fixed, so you will assign an operator and a value on the next step.


Select the operator and value for the fixed field. Click Next when you have finished configuring your search criteria.


The operators that are available for each field depend on what type of data that field contains. These may include 'is' or 'is not', or 'contains' or 'does not contain'. If the specified value is a date, operators may also include 'is before' and 'is after'.

Default Value

Set the value for each field query.


Details of your Dynamic Members Mailing List are displayed for you to preview. When you are satisfied with your settings, click Save to create your list.

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