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Chapter 57. Add Subscribers


The Add Subscribers tool is used to subscribe email addresses to a mailing list. There are three ways that you can add subscribers: you may look up and subscribe a single email address, enter multiple email addresses in the text box or upload email addresses in a data file.

When you add new subscribers, you set which Subscription Type applies to these subscribers. Each Subscription Type corresponds to a specific Subscriber List. You may add subcribers to one or more Subscriber Lists, including special Subscriber Lists such as the Moderator List, Deny List or Allow List, but these must be compatible. You wouldn't want to add a moderator to the Deny List.

The lookup field searches the Kavi Mailing List Manager database. When you enter subscriber email addresses through the large text box or upload a data file, this tool manages duplicate addresses gracefully. The request to add the duplicate subscription is ignored, but the email address is included in those that are displayed on the Preview step.

Use the Add Subscribers tool to:

Add email addresses to one or more of this mailing list's Subscriber Lists.

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How to Add Subscribers


Select the mailing list if you have not already done so. If you navigated to this tool through Mailing List Home and the Edit Mailing List Subscribers, you have already performed this step.


Select the subscription type(s) for the subscriptions you are adding, then add the subscribers. When you are done, click Preview.


Mailing List Information
List Name

The name of this mailing list.

Subscription Type

Select the Subscription Type for these email addresses. for each Subscription Type you select, the address is added to the corresponding Subscriber List. If you add multiple email addresses, each address is added to every selected type.

Subscription Types are dependent on List Type configuration, so the set of available types varies. Certain combinations of Subscription Types make sense and are allowed—but if you try to assign incompatible types, an error message is displayed.


Add one or more subscribers. There are three ways to add subscribers. If you want to add an existing subscriber address to one or more of this mailing lists's Subscriber Lists, you may use the fields in Select a Subscriber. To add a new subscriber or add multiple subscribers addresses simultaneously, enter email addresses for one or more subscribers in the Email Addresses text box. To upload a file containing the address list, use the File option.

Select a Subscriber

To select a single subscriber address from the database, enter a search string in the Lookup field box and click the Lookup button to populate the Select Subscriber pull-down list.

Add Email Addresses

To enter up to 5000 email addresses in a batch, type or paste email addresses into the text box. Addresses must be text only, and separated by a newline or a comma (e.g., 'anna@example.com,shirley@example.com,ari@research.example.com').

You may enter both account holder and public email addresses. Kavi Mailing List Manager classifies and sorts these addresses into account holders and public subscribers for you to preview on the next step.

It's okay if you enter duplicate addresses or enter an address that is already subscribed because the Kavi Mailing List Manager handles duplicates for you. When a duplicate email address is entered (either because the address is already on this Subscribers List or because the same email address appears twice in the set of addresses entered in the Email Addresses field) no error is displayed, but the request to add the duplicate is ignored. This address is included in the addresses displayed on the Preview step.


Select a plain text data file containing comma-delimited (CSV) or newline-delimited email addresses. If you have the file in a spreadsheet format, you can convert it to a compatible format by opening the file in the spreadsheet application, then saving it in .csv (comma-separated values) format.

Preview & Save

Subscribers are sorted into account holders and public subscribers for you to review. These addresses are added to the Subscriber Lists that correspond to the selected Subscription Types. You must click Save to commit these changes to the database.


You have just added one or more subscribers to this mailing list! If you want to add other subscribers to this mailing list, click Add More Subscribers.

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