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Appendix C. Announce Only

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Common Uses

This default List Type is configured to support mailing lists that publish announcements, so it is used for lists that distribute information formally in a one-way flow from the organization to subscribers as opposed to an interactive subscriber discussion forum. Both the Announce Only List Type and the Newsletter List Type are used for one-way distribution of information. Both types protect the the quality of list content by rejecting posts from everyone except moderators. The difference between these two List Types is that the Newsletter allows the public to subscribe via email commands, but the Announce Only is closed to all email subscription commands, forcing the subscription process into the more secure realm of the Web where users can be authenticated and identified via their Kavi Members account before subscribing or being added to the mailing list by administrators.

Kavi® Members uses the Announce Only List Type as the basis for its Members list.

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Posting Access

This list uses the most restrictive type of posting access configuration (-moU combination) so that all posts are moderated and only moderators are allowed to post. Messages that originate from envelope sender addresses that aren't on the Moderator Subscriber List are automatically rejected.

Table C.1. Announce Only Posting Access

Subscriber Level Action
Moderator moderate
Subscriber (Regular or Digest) reject
Public reject
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Subscription Access

The Announce Only List Type disables email subscription commands (-P), which forces subscriptions to be managed through Kavi Mailing List Manager webtools. When a mailing list based on this List Type is added, the List Availability option controls who can view and subscribe to the list through webpages.

Table C.2. Announce Only Subscription Access

Setting Use Case Applications
Email Subscriptions
Cannot subscribe via email (-P) The subscription process is handled through webtools rather than email because announcements lists are not usually open to public subscribers. If your organization has an announcements list that needs to be open to public email subscription, a Super Admin can clone this List Type and change to an open or moderated email subscription process as desired.
Web Availability
Public Rarely used. This could be a good fit for public relation announcements.
Account Holders Only Logged-in account holders can add and remove their own subscriptions. This would be the right answer for an optional announcements list designed to serve any interested account holder.
Subscribers Only Administrators have to add new subscriptions. This is used for private, optional announcements lists.
Administrators Only Administrators add and remove all subscriptions. This is used for private, mandatory announcements lists.
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Announce Only Archive Access

Archive access is somewhat dependent on the Web Availability setting, since a user has to be able to access the Mailing List Home page in order to see the link to the list archives.

Table C.3. Announce Only Archive Access

Setting Conditions
Email Archive Retrieval
Messages saved for subscriber retrieval (-aBg) Subscribers have access to the raw ezmlm-idx message archives via email archive retrieval commands. This allows subscribers to retrieve plain text messages only. Email archive retrieval commands from public senders are rejected.
Web Archive Visibility
NO Web Archives Use this if the mailing list doesn't need Web archives. This is rare. Mailing list archives are a potentially valuable part of the announcement list's audit trail, especially if the list is used to distribute informational announcements required by the organization's bylaws or policies.
Public Rarely used.
Account Holders Only A good fit for an optional announcements list that allows account holders to subscribe directly via webtools. It is better to allow users to view list content in the archives only if there is no need to retain any record of who might have had access to the content distributed through this list.
List Subscribers Used for private, optional announcements lists. If the organization wants to have some record of who is viewing mailing list content, this setting should be used. This limits the set of people who potentially have access to list content to those who are subscribed.
Administrators Only Use when you want archives but don't want them to be visible to ordinary mortals. This setting effectively hides the existence of archives from everyone except administrators.
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