Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 80. Change List Type Status


The Change List Type Status tool is used to activate or deactivate List Types for your organization's website. An active List Type is available through the Add a Mailing List and Edit a Mailing List tools so new lists can be based on this List Type and existing lists can be switched over to it. An inactive List Type is not, so you can deactivate List Types that your organization doesn't want to use. This includes default List Types, which can't be deleted, but can be deactivated.

List Types that are currently in use by one or more lists cannot be deactivated. If you wish to deactivate a List Type but the Deactivate link is not displayed or the List Type doesn't appear on the Select step, the List Type is in use. If you still want to deactivate this List Type, check the Existing Lists field in the View a List Type page to see which mailing lists use this type and switch them to a different (but compatible!) List Type through the Edit a Mailing List tool, which is available in the Admin Tools menu.Add a Mailing List tool.

Use the Change List Type Status tool to:

Activate or deactivate a List Type.

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How to Change List Type Status


Select the List Type whose status you want to change. If you access this tool from the Manage List Types page, click the 'activate' or 'deactivate' link for the List Type whose status you want to change. If not, select the radio button for the List Type and click the Select button.


This List Type's name and current status are displayed for you to review. Click Change Status to change this List Type's status.


You have just changed the status of this List Type. An active List Type is available to administrators using the Manage Mailing Lists tool set, whereas an inactive List Type is not.

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