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Chapter 85. Configure Bounce Report Summary


The Configure Bounce Report Summary is used to schedule a rollup of bounce information that is automatically sent to a designated alias or email address. Many organizations want to keep an eye on bounced email and see which subscribers were removed by automated bounce handlers because of repeated bounces. But reviewing every bounced message individually is impractical. This tool provides an efficient way to review bounces and automated subscription removals. For more information, see Automated Bounce Handling in the Troubleshooting section.

Use the Configure Bounce Report Summary tool to:

Schedule an automated bounce report email.

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How to Configure Bounce Report Summary

Configure Options

If your organization wants to review bounces, enable the Bounce Report Summary, set the recipient, number of days to include in the rollup and schedule how often the report goes out, then click Save.


Send Bounce Report

This is set to 'No' by default. If you want a Bounce Report Summary for your website, set this to 'Yes'.

Send Bounce Report To

This is prefilled with the Admin email alias by default. You can enter a different alias or email address if you like.


Set the number of days of bounce data to be included in the report. This number is usually related to the Send Bounce Report Interval, which is set in the next field. For example, if your organization wants a weekly report, you'd probably set the number of days to '7'. If your organization wants a monthly report, you'd probably set the number of days to '31'.

Send Bounce Report Interval

Schedule how often the report goes out: 'Monthly', 'Weekly' or 'Daily'. Most organizations will find a monthly or weekly schedule to be adequate. If you are monitoring bounces closely for some reason, you have the option of scheduling a daily report.


You've just scheduled a bounce report summary, which will now be sent regularly to the designated address.

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