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Appendix A. Default Email, Mailing List and System Aliases


Kavi software applications create and utilize a number of default aliases. Many of these aliases represent support positions (e.g., admin, webmaster, postmaster, listmoderator, listmaster, etc.). The most widely employed Kavi Mailing List Manager alias is the administrative alias, which is used on outgoing email by applications, and on incoming email by users seeking support. Most websites use the 'admin@example.org' format for this alias.

Email sent to qmail aliases can be directed to the .qmail directory or to the home directory and from there to other aliases identified by the naming convention '.qmail-ALIAS'.

In addition to these default aliases, organizations can define any number of custom aliases. Administrators can view all aliases that exist on the organization's website through the List/Alias Name Lookup tool.

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qmail Aliases

General qmail Aliases

The application assumes certain aliases will be present on a correctly configured system. For Kavi-hosted sites these aliases are automatically created during site setup (although the alias contents may easily be changed whenever they need to be).

Table A.1. qmail Aliases

Alias Description
admin@domain The ezmlmrc templates contain messages that direct people to contact admin@domain if they've been denied posting privileges for a list. Messages directed to the admin alias typically go to organization administrators.
bounces@domain The bounce probe handler forwards all unsubscribe bounces to this address. Transient bounces will not go here, but permanent bounces will. Bounces are typically handled by group or organization administrators.
listmaster@domain All mail directed to the list owner is sent to this address. Also, a copy of all integrity checker activity is sent to this address. It's the latter piece that's most interesting. Messages for listmaster typically go to technical support folks.
listmoderator@domain This address is not strictly necessary, but it is the standard backup moderator for all Kavi-hosted sites. You can explicitly add moderators via the /apps/org/admin/init.php page or you can simply add moderator addresses to this alias. Moderation messages typically go to a group administrator, but be forewarned that a busy site generates many moderation requests.
workgroup_mailer@domain All application mail comes from workgroup_mailer so all replies, such as Out Of Office autoresponders, come here. Not that interesting, which is why it's separate from listmaster or some other more useful address. These messages typically go to technical support.
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Associated qmail Aliases

In addition to the information in the list configuration directory, you will find several aliases in the ~project/.qmail directory that are associated with each list. These aliases handle message delivery, message bounces, digest delivery, and so on. In general, lists will have either 4, 6, or 8 aliases, with the actual number varying with the list configuration—moderated and/or digested lists require two extra aliases for each function. Each alias is a link to a file in the list directory. The contents of the file consist of qmail delivery rules that invoke a series of ezmlm programs.

Aliases for Newsletters

Here are the alias mailboxes for the 'newsletter' list, a moderated list with an optional digest. The first four aliases are common to all lists, handling normal mail delivery, bounces, and list management commands respectively.

Table A.2. qmail Aliases for newsletters

Alias Mailbox
news /home/tcp/var/list/news/editor
news-default /home/tcp/var/list/news/manager
news-owner /home/tcp/var/list/news/owner
news-return-default /home/tcp/var/list/news/bouncer

Aliases for Moderated Lists

The following alias mailboxes are only present for moderated lists; they handle 'ACCEPT' or 'REJECT' commands sent by the list moderator in response to a message moderation request.

Table A.3. qmail aliases for moderated lists

Alias Mailbox
news-accept-default /home/tcp/var/list/news/moderator
news-reject-default /home/tcp/var/list/news/moderator

Aliases for Digests

The following alias mailboxes are only present for digested lists (i.e., lists that offer digests to subscribers). They provide an alias for the list owner and handle bounces from the digest mailing.

Table A.4. qmail Aliases for digests

Alias Mailbox
news-digest-owner /home/tcp/var/list/news/owner
news-digest-return-default /home/tcp/var/list/news/digest/bouncer
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System Aliases

Table A.5. System aliases

Alias name Description
postmaster@example.org Required by RFC822; the alias for the individual(s) responsible for maintaining the domain's Internet mail service.
listname-admin@example.org The alias for the individual(s) responsible for maintaining the mailing list.
support@example.org The most common format for the support alias. Since this is so widely known and abused by spammers, different formats are often used. Kavi generally recommends the use of web forms to collect public input, rather than publishing the support alias on website pages.
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