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Appendix B. Default List Types


This document presents a matrix that you can use to compare and contrast the default List Types for quick reference. The name of each default List Type is linked to an Appendix document that provides detailed information about this default List Type.

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Default List Types Comparison

The information on ezmlm settings in this table omits the features and behavior that all default List Types have in common and focuses on highlighting the different ways that these List Types control email access to the mailing list via posting, email subscription commands and email archive access retrieval commands.

More detailed information on these subjects is available in the Concepts section, especially in the following documents: Access Control, Subscription Types and Subscriber Lists and List Types.

Table B.1. Default List Types Matrix

Default List Type One-Way or Discussion? Moderated? Who can post? Subscribe via Email?
Announce Only One-way Yes Moderators Only (moderated) No one
Closed Private Discussion Discussion No Subscribers (directly) No one
Moderated Private Discussion Discussion Yes

Public (moderated)

Subscribers (directly)

Moderators (directly)

No one
Moderated Subscribers-Only Discussion Discussion Yes

Subscribers (moderated)

Moderators (moderated)

No one
Moderated Public Discussion Discussion Yes Everyone (moderated) Everyone (public)
Newsletter One-way Yes Moderators Only (moderated) Public
Public Discussion Discussion No Everyone (directly) Public
Query-driven Announcements One-way Yes Moderators Only (moderated) No
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