Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 49. Delete a Mailing List


Select a mailing list to delete. The number of current subscribers on the list is shown. Lists required by other applications, such as the members list used by Kavi® Members, cannot be deleted.

Use the Delete a Mailing List tool to:

Completely and permanently remove a mailing list, its Subscriber Lists and archives.

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How to Delete a Mailing List


Select the list you want to delete.


Information about the list, including the number and types of subscribers, the number of posted messages and the date the last message was posted, is displayed. If you are sure you want to permenantly delete this list and any archives, click Delete.


Clicking the Delete button will permanently delete the selected list, the lists archives and the list of subscribers!


This list has been permanently deleted. If you would like to remove another list, click Delete Another.

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