Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 64. Delete an Alias


The Delete an Alias tool is used to delete an existing alias.


Aliases created and required by the application cannot be deleted, but they may be edited.

Use the Delete an Alias tool to:

Delete an existing alias.

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How to Delete an Alias


Select the alias you would like to delete. If you accessed this tool through a link on the Manage Aliases page, the select step will have already been performed. Otherwise, a tabular list of existing aliases is displayed. You may reverse the sorting of the list by alias name. You may scroll through the list or search for a specific alias by name or the email address of a recipient on the alias list.


Information for the alias you selected is presented for you to review. Deleting an alias is permanent. If you are certain you wish to delete this alias, click Delete.


You've just permanently deleted this alias! Click Delete Another if you would like to delete another alias.

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