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Chapter 53. Edit a Dynamic Members Mailing List


Use the Edit a Dynamic Members Mailing List tool to edit the criteria used to populate your organization's dynamic mailing lists. Dynamic mailing lists are query-based mailing lists where the Subscriber Lists (i.e. Regular Subscribers List and Digest Subscribers List) are populated according to defined subscriber selection criteria each time mail is sent to the list.

If you want to do other kinds of editing, such as changing moderators, adding users to the Deny list or editing the Policy and Usage statement, you must use other Kavi Mailing List Manager tools, as described in All About Dynamic Mailing Lists.

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How to Edit a Dynamic Mailing List

This query is similar to the queries you create in Report Builder, except that all the fields you select are fixed. You may edit which fields are used in your query or refine the criteria for each selected field. Note that field operators allow you to select or filter out users or companies based on the values you set for each field. When you set criteria that retrieves a company, you are actually selecting users who belong to that company and adding them to your subscriber lists.



The mailing list name. Once a mailing list is added, the name cannot be edited because of dependencies in the system.


A short description of the mailing list, including which subscribers it serves.


You may edit which fields are used in your query. All these fields are fixed, so you will assign an operator and a value on the next step.


You may edit the the operators and values for your fixed fields. Press Next when you have finished refining your criteria.


The operators that are available for each field depend on what type of data that field contains. These may include 'is' or 'is not', or 'contains' or 'does not contain'. If the specified value is a date, operators may also include 'is before' and 'is after'.

Default Value

The field value used in the subscriber-selection query.


Details of the Dynamic Mailing List are displayed for you to preview. If you are satisfied with your settings, press Save. If not, use the Back button to navigate back to the step where you want to reset options, then preview and save your new settings.


You've just edited the query for this Dynamic Members Mailing List and your edits go into affect immediately!

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