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Chapter 58. Edit Mailing List Subscribers


The Edit Mailing List Subscribers tool allows you to gain access to all of a mailing list's subscribers at once. Just select the mailing list whose Subscriber Lists you want to manage, then change add or remove a subscriber's Subscription Types by clicking checkboxes. Remove a subscriber from the list completely by unchecking all available Subscription Types. Remember that the definition of a subscriber is an email address on one of a mailing list's Subscriber Lists. The Subscription Type indicates which Subscriber List the address is on.

Use the Edit Mailing List Subscribers tool to:

  • Add or remove a subscriber.

  • Designate one or more existing subscribers as a poster or moderator.

  • Remove one or more subscribers from a list.

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How to Edit Mailing List Subscribers


Select the mailing list whose subscribers you want to edit.

A table containing all the list's subscribers is displayed, along with a series of checkboxes for each type of subscription. If this list has inactive subscribers, a link to the Inactive Subscriber Report tool is displayed.


Edit the subscriptions for each subscriber by clicking the subscription type checkboxes.


To remove a subscriber from a list, simply uncheck all available subscription types.

There are two ways to change the view of the subscribers' list:

Search Criteria for Changing the View

If you know the the subscription type or membership type of the subscribers you want displayed, use the tools on the top of the form to pull up only those subscribers that match the search criteria you select.

Use one of the following fields to refine your search criteria:

Subscription type

Use this input field when you know the subscription type of the subscribers to view only those subscribers that match your search criteria.

Membership Type

Use this input field when you know if the subscribers you wish to view are members or nonmembers to view only those subscribers that match your search criteria. Members are all the users in the Kavi Members database. Nonmembers are those users who have no record in the Kavi Members database.

Use the Search button

After entering the values in the search fields, click Search to display results based on the search criteria.


If you want to edit another mailing list's subscribers, click the Edit Another button.

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