Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 59. Edit a Public Subscriber's Email Address


Email addresses change frequently. The Edit an Email Address tool allows administrators to retrieve and edit a public subscriber's email address globally, updating the user's email address on all mailing lists and aliases simultaneously.

If you want to edit an account holder's email address, use the link to go to the KaviŽ Members Edit a User tool and update the account holder's email address. Changing an email address in Kavi Members automatically updates all the account holder's mailing list and alias subscriptions.

Use Edit a Public Subscriber's Email Address to:

Edit a public subscriber email address globally.

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How to Edit an Email Address


Enter the public subscriber email address in the Lookup field. The search functionality can perform partial matches, so if you are unsure how the email address appears in the database, enter a partial value. Select the subscriber in the pulldown list, then click the Select button.


The current email address is displayed along with the mailing list and alias list subscriptions that will be updated when your edits are saved. To edit this email address, enter the new address in the Email Address text box, then click Save.


The subscriber's new email address and old email address are displayed for you to review.

If you want to edit another public subscriber's email address, click Change Another.

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