Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 1. Introduction to Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

How to Find the Help You Need

Every Kavi Mailing List Manager tool has its own page help. Just click the help icon and the help pops up in a new window.

When you have opened up a help window and don't see the information you wanted, there are three ways you can navigate through the Kavi product help:

  • You can follow the links embedded in the page help to see more information on a subject, then use your browser's Back button to return to your starting point in the page help.

  • If you want to find all available information on a certain subject, use the search tool provided at the top of the page, clicking the checkbox if you want to search Kavi Mailing List Manager product help only.

  • For an overview of all available product help, including concepts, how-to and troubleshooting documents, click the bolded link that says 'Kavi Mailing List Manager' at the top of the page to see the product help Table of Contents.

This document contain lists of documents designed for specific kinds of list users. If you are a subscriber, the first section, Help for Mailing List Subscribers, is for you. If you are a mailing list moderator or administrator, you need specialized information provided in the documents listed in Help for Mailing List Moderators. Admins and Super Admins should familiarize themselves with the information available in Help for Mailing List Admins. Help for Super Admins focuses on List Type configuration, so even though the tools described here are only available to Super Admins, other administrators looking for detailed information on List Types may find this useful.

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Help for Mailing List Subscribers

The following documents are written specifically for list subscribers but they introduce general concepts that may be of interest to new mailing list administrators. Some of these documents include links that lead to material that is written for administrators rather than subscribers. If you are a subscriber in search of more detailed information on mailing list rules and behavior, this material may prove helpful, but you won't have access to the Admin Tools mentioned in these documents.

Introduction to Mailing Lists and Aliases

What they are and how they work—plus how to view, subscribe and send messages to a mailing list.

Managing Your Mailing List Subscriptions

How to use Kavi Mailing List Manager to view your mailing list subscriptions, how to subscribe and unsubscribe and use mailing list archives.

Posting Messages to a Mailing List

How to determine whether you have posting permissions for a mailing list, what to expect when you send a message to a mailing list, information on troubleshooting email.

Composing Email to Post to a List

Practical advice on constructing email for best results, avoiding common mistakes, pointers on mailing list netiquette.

What You Need to Know About Spam

Mailing lists are prime targets for spammers, so many mailing list restrictions are aimed at spam prevention. Read this if a message disappeared in route and is presumed to have been eaten by a spam filter or if one of your messages was criticized as spam by another list user or a mailing list administrator.

How Really Email Works

A primer on how email really works. It's not as simple as you might think.

Email Commands

How to use ezmlm email address commands to manage your subscriptions or retrieve archived messages via email.

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Help for Mailing List Moderators

Webtools for moderating messages were introduced in the Kavi Mailing List Manager 3.0 release. These tools are likely to affect the way that mailing lists are managed in your organization. The following documents are designed especially for mailing list moderators and administrators. If you are new to moderated mailing lists or would like more information on basic mailing list concepts, see the documents in Help for Mailing List Subscribers.

Mailing List Moderation

Mailing list moderation is the best way to prevent spam and ensure the quality of mailing list content. Learn how the message posting process is handled for moderated mailing lists.

How to Moderate a Mailing List

Instructions for mailing list moderators.

Moderate Pending Messages

Page help for new moderation tool that administrators can use to view and moderate ending posts can be moderated in bulk. View the moderation queue for all mailing lists at once or retrieve posts for a specific mailing list or sender.

View/Moderate Pending Messages

Page help for another new moderation tool which provides a detailed view of a message in the moderation queue and allows the administrator to add the sender to the Allow list to grant ongoing posting privileges or to the Deny list to block future posts.

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Help for Mailing List Admins

The documents on this list cover tasks commonly performed by mailing list administrators, as well as concepts you need to understand in order to perform those tasks correctly. Some documents contain links to material designed for Super Admins. Administrators may find the more detailed information on List Type configuration useful, but only Super Admins have access to tools located in the Super Admin Area.

For an introduction to general mailing list concepts, see the documents in Help for Mailing List Subscribers. For more information on moderation, see Help for Mailing List Moderators.

How Mailing Lists Work

The principles and mechanics of mailing lists.

Subscription Types and Subscriber Lists

How ezmlm uses Subscriber Lists to classify list users and determine posting privileges.

Access Control

How access to the content exchanged through mailing lists is controlled at three key points: the subscription process, the posting process and archive retrieval.

Application Integration

How Kavi Mailing List Manager integrates with Kavi® Groups and Kavi® Members.

Mail Archives

The two kinds of archives and how they are configured.

Managing Mailing Lists

The document that ties it all together for mailing list administrators. Includes a quick reiteration of concepts covered in other documents and how they pertain to list management, facts and tips that every administrator needs to know, and pointers on troubleshooting.

Managing Aliases

Detailed information on how aliases work, creating new aliases, managing existing aliases and troubleshooting.

What You Need to Know About Spam

How to keep your mailing list messages from being classified as spam.

Virus Scanning and Spam Blocking

The mechanics of virus and spam protection.

Mailing List Policy and Usage Statements

How to compose a policy and usage statement for your mailing list.

How to Add a Mailing List

Instructions for adding mailing lists.

Mailing List Use Cases and Sample Configurations

Common configurations plus examples.

Changing List Type Options

Read this to find out what to expect when you switch a mailing list from one List Type to another, or use it to determine how a custom List Type behaves in comparison with a similar default List Type.

Logging and Reports

Descriptions of the available Logging and Reports tools, including links to the tools.

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Troubleshooting Help

These documents can help answer questions about issues you might have with email, a mailing list, alias or your website. The documents at the top of this list are useful to subscribers as well as administrators. This list includes only the most popular documents from those available in Kavi Mailing List Manager's extensive Troubleshooting Guide.

Accessing the Full Header for Email Troubleshooting

If you have a problem and need to provide email headers to support personnel, this document tells you how.

What Does this Message Mean?

If you've received an automated message from a mailing list that you don't understand, look it up in these tables.

Email Seems Slow, What Is Going On?

If you sent a message to a mailing list, or are expecting an email from a list, and it appears to have been delayed, see this document.

What You Need to Know About Spam

If you received spam, had an email message deleted by a spam filter or have been told by other mailing list users that a message you posted constitutes spam, see this document.

Why Can't I Unsubscribe?

If someone you know is having problems unsubscribing from a mailing list, see this document

Why Didn't Bob Get this Message?

Everyone else did, but not Bob.

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Help for Super Admins

The documents on this list focus on how to configure List Types, and how List Type configuration affects mailing list features and behavior.

Mailing Lists and Ezmlm

How ezmlm software manages mailing list posting and email commands through mailboxes and configurable rules.

List Types

List Types are the ezmlm templates on which all Kavi mailing lists are based. Learn more about default List Types and the different ezmlm configuration options.

Adding and Editing Custom List Types

Tips for custom List Types.

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