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Appendix K. Kavi Mailing List Manager Default Role

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Default Role

There are no Kavi Mailing List Manager Default types and there is only one Kavi Mailing List Manager Default role.

Kavi® Members application manages types and roles for other applications, including this role. To see all roles, including custom roles as well as those installed by default, Super Admins can use the Kavi Members Manage Roles Tool. Types are managed through other tools in the Kavi Members Super Admin Area.

Default Role

This default role isn't associated with any types by default. Your organization may associate a custom type with this role to separate out mailing list management tasks from other administrative tasks or bundle these kinds of tasks with another set of tasks so the types can be assigned to a specific person or set of people, such as its marketing team.

Table K.1. Default Role

Name Description Default Types
mlm_admin Confers access to Kavi Mailing List Manager Admin Area and tools. There are no types associated with this role by default, but this role can be associated with custom types.
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