Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 74. List/Alias Name Lookup


Use the List/Alias Name Lookup tool when you want to search across all Kavi applications that manage mailing lists and aliases, then view and manage the list or alias, including subscribed email addresses. You can also use this tool to view all mailing lists and aliases installed on your website.

Use the List/Alias Name Lookup tool to:

  • Search for a specific mailing list or alias by name and access a tool that allows you to view and edit information such as subscribed email addresses.

  • View all mailing lists and aliases on your website.

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How to Use List/Alias Name Lookup


Enter the name of the mailing list or alias in the text box and click Lookup. This search can perform partial matches, which is useful if you are troubleshooting and the person reporting the issue didn't provide the exact name. To see all mailing lists and aliases in use on this site, leave the Name text box blank and click the Lookup button.


Mailing lists or aliases that match the name you entered are displayed, including the Type (e.g., 'Mailing List' or 'Alias'). The Actions column contains links to tools you can use to view and manage the mailing list or alias.

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