Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 24. Logging and Reports


The Kavi Mailing List Manager provides extensive logs and reports that administrators can use for mailing list management and troubleshooting. This document provides descriptions and links for each tool and the tool page help. The first several logs and reports listed here provide information about mailing list subscribers. The next set of tools is used to monitor email delivery and follow up on addresses that may have been unsubscribed due to repeated delivery failures (i.e., bounces).

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Subscriber Report

Click here to visit the Subscriber Report tool.

The Subscriber Report tool reports on a particular mailing list's subscribers, showing which email addresses have which Subscription Types (i.e., what Subscription Lists the address is subscribed to). For example, this tool can be used to create and download a report of General and Digest Subscribers to help quantify mailing list use, or the search can be narrowed to retrieve a report of moderators or users on the Deny or Allow Subscriber Lists.

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Subscriber Log

Click here to visit the Subscriber Logs tool.

The Subscriber Logs tool is used to view the ezmlm logs that record subscribers being added to, or removed from, a mailing list. These logs don't reveal the identity of the user who made the subscription change, but they do show whether the change was initiated through the website or via ezmlm email address commands.

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Full Logs

Click here to visit the Full Logs tool.

The Full Logs tool provides the most complete, detailed and technical information about mailing lists and subscribers of all reports and log tools. It also has the most advanced search capabilities. Use this tool when you need information that isn't available in the more user-friendly tools such as the Subscriber Report or Subscriber Log.

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Mail Delivery Logs

Click here to visit the Mail Delivery Logs tool.

The Mail Delivery Logs tool presents a view of the mailbaby mail logs—a Kavi email logging tool. The Mail Logs provide information about the fate of a message sent to or from a mailing list. This includes messages submitted for posting, messages sent for moderation and responses to moderation requests. Unlike the Log Report, these logs includes user identity information in the form of sender and recipient email addresses.

This tool allows administrators to trace email delivery through multiple "drop" cycles as it is forwarded by various aliases and ultimately sent to recipient addresses. The logs indicate the delivery status of each of these addresses and aliases, displaying how many addresses were forwarded to when the message was sent to an alias and whether a message sent to a recipient was successfully delivered, delayed or failed. Information about failures and delays is included in these logs.

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Mail Transfer Agent Status

Click here to visit the Mail Transfer Agent Status tool.

The Mail Transfer Agent Status tool displays the status of all incoming and outgoing email being processed by your website's Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs).

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Bounce Report

Click here to visit the Bounce Report tool.

The Bounce Report tool is used to generate a report on which email addresses have bounced. Bounced email is primarily managed by bounce handling software that sends a series of email messages to the email address that bounced in order to determine whether the delivery failure is temporary or permanent. If none of these email messages is delivered successfully, the bounce handler automatically unsubscribes the address. The Bounce Report shows addresses that have been unsubscribed by the automated bounce handler.

The displayed results include a phone number so you can contact the account holder and links to the Manage Subscriptions tool and the Kavi Members tool Manage a User so you can see whether this account holder is active or not, and view and manage subscriptions as desired. Even if an account holder address has been unsubscribed from a mailing list, the system may have a record that associates the account holder with that mailing list. This allows the subscriptions to be reestablished if the account holder is reactivated or a new email address is provided.

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