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Appendix N. Mail Log Samples

How to interpret the samples

These samples are all derived from real mail log entries that have been genericized according to the conventions described in the following list and simplified by removing any non-applicable entries between the pertinent entries (you can tell this because the qmail IDs (qp XXXXX) aren't sequential, as they would be in the original log). A mail server processes multiple mail requests at a time, so you have to use the qmail ID that links entries to locate the next step in the delivery chain. If you aren't sure how to read mail logs, instructions are provided in the page help for the Mail Delivery Logs tool.


  • XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX–represents an IP address

  • originating.sender@example.com–the email address of the individual who sent the message

  • host.example.org–the mail server for the organization's website, used as the domain of all aliases associated with the website

  • example.com–a generic email domain representing any email domain except the organization's

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Moderated message approved

Line by line description:

  • This mail log shows a message sent from an individual's company email account (originating.sender@example.com) being received by the Members mailing list (members@host.example.org), which is moderated. The ID 'qp 22598' is assigned.

  • The second log entry shows the continuation of the process labeled 'qp 22598', as the message is forwarded to the moderator. On this list, messages for the moderator are sent to a moderator alias (listmoderator@host.example.org), but other lists might send messages directly to the email address of a person designated as moderator. This list is configured to allow moderation requests to be monitored by administrators, so messages are also dropped to the admin alias (admin@host.example.org) and the moderator alias (listmoderator@host.example.org). The ID 'qp 22612' is assigned.

  • In the third entry, the mail server forwards the two messages in the line ID'd as 'qp 22612' dropped from the admin alias (admin@host.example.org) to the two addresses on this alias.

  • The fourth entry shows one of the administrators moderating the message by sending an ezmlm email address command (members-accept@host.example.org) to the mailing list approving the moderation request.


2005-08-02 09:54:26 <originating.sender@example.com> ... sent 11868 bytes from qp 22591

2005-08-02 09:54:26 + members@host.example.org ... success: ezmlm-store: info: qp 22598

2005-08-02 09:54:26 end (1+0+0)


2005-08-02 09:54:26 <members@host.example.org > ... resent 13757 bytes from qp 22598

2005-08-02 09:54:26 + admin@host.example.org ... success: did 0+2+0 drops to qp 22612

2005-08-02 09:54:26 + listmoderator@host.example.org ... success: did 1+0+0 drops

2005-08-02 09:54:30 end (2+0+0)


2005-08-02 09:54:26 <members@host.example.org > ... resent 13872 bytes from qp 22612

2005-08-02 09:54:27 + approving.moderator@example.com ... success: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX accepted message.

2005-08-02 09:54:28 + other.moderator@example.com ... success: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX accepted message.

2005-08-02 09:54:33 end (2+0+0)


2005-08-02 09:55:37 <approving.moderator@example.com> ... sent 2534 bytes from qp 23052

2005-08-02 09:55:37 + ACCEPT 1123001666.22596 ... <extra info>

2005-08-02 09:55:37 + members-accept@host.example.org ... success: ezmlm-send: info: qp 23057

2005-08-02 09:55:37 end (1+0+0)

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Ezmlm Email Subscribe Command Rejected

This mail log shows what happens when an ezmlm email subscribe command is received by a private mailing list that is closed to email subscription requests.

Line by line description:

  • The first line shows the mailing list (private_list@host.example.org) receiving the message from an individual's company email account (originating.sender@example.com). The ID 'qp 21802' is assigned.

  • The second log entry shows the continuation of the process labeled 'qp 21802', as the subscribe request email is bounced by the mailing list. This list is configured to reject all email subscription commands.

  • The third entry displays the mailing list's response to the subscribe request. This is the same ezmlm notification message that is printed in the notification to the originating sender. This message indicates that ezmlm rejected the message as it is configured to do, and the software is working properly.

2007-03-28 15:23:36 <originating.sender@example.com> ... sent 886 bytes from qp 21802

2007-03-28 15:23:36 + <originating.sender@example.com> ... bounce: qp 21806

2007-03-28 15:23:36 + private_list-subscribe-originating-sender=example.com@host.example.org ... failure: ezmlm-manage: fatal: Sorry, I've been told to reject all requests (#5.7.2)

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