Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 71. Mail Transfer Agent Status


The Mail Transfer Agent Status tool displays the status of all incoming and outgoing email being processed by your website's Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs). For more information on MTAs, see How Email Really Works.

Use the Mail Transfer Agent Status tool to:

Generate and view mailing list bounce reports.

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How to Use Mail Transfer Agent Status

View Status

View the number of messages currently in the mail queue against the number of available mail slots. If the majority of these slots are full, the MTA is working approximately at capacity. If email seems slow and you want to check into this further, you may want to use the Mail Delivery Logs tool for a detailed view of current email traffic. If you are following up on a report that email may be responding slowly, the Troubleshooting document Email Seems Slow, What Is Going On? could be of help.

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