Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 62. Manage Aliases


The Manage Aliases tool displays all available Kavi Mailing List Manager aliases and links to manage each alias. Scroll through the alphabetically sorted alias list, reverse the sorting order, or search for a specific alias by name or subscriber address (recipient email address). The search by email address retrieves all aliases to which this address is subscribed, which is quite useful for troubleshooting. Click links to tools that allow you to Add a New Alias, and Edit or Delete an exisiting alias.

More Information on Aliases

Use the Manage Aliases tool to:

  • View all alias or search for a specific alias by name.

  • View all aliases to which a specific email address is subscribed .

  • Access tools that allows you to add a new alias, or edit or delete an existing alias.

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How to Use Manage Aliases


Search for an alias by scrolling through the tabular list, which is sorted by alias name, or search for a specific alias by alias name. To find all the aliases on which a recipient is listed, search by the user's email address. To create an alias, click the Add a New Alias link. To manage an existing alias, click links to edit or delete that alias.

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