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Chapter 76. Manage List Types


The Manage List Types tool allows you to view and manage existing List Types or add new types. List Types are preconfigured ezmlm templates on which mailing lists are based. Ezmlm options set at this level control the behavior of every mailing list based on this List Type, such as whether ezmlm email commands can be used to subscribe to these mailing lists or retrieve archives and rules governing the posting process. List Type settings also determine whether certain features are enabled in these mailing lists, such as digests and raw ezmlm-idx archives.

Kavi Mailing List Manager installs a set of default List Types, which can be used "as is", deactivated or cloned to create new types—but they cannot be edited or deleted. Custom types can be added as needed, then cloned, edited and otherwise managed as desired.

Ezmlm Disclaimer

The Kavi Mailing List Manager uses ezmlm software to support its mailing lists. Ezmlm provides a rich and rather complex set of configuration options that have evolved in response to conditions that are unique to mailing lists. Many of these can seem counter-intuitive to users who don't have a lot of experience managing mailing lists. Before adding or editing any List Types, be sure you are thoroughly familiar with the Concepts documents on email, mailing lists and List Types.

Kavi Mailing List Manager interfaces and help documents include ezmlm arguments for use by individuals who have acquired expertise with ezmlm. Remember that the configured behavior is often dependent on how ezmlm arguments work in combination rather than how any one argument is set. To complicate matters, the behavior documented in the UI and help documentation may be overridden if the mailing list has a customized ezmlm-rc file, so if you notice that a list has a custom rule file you should not assume this list will behave in the same way as other lists based on this List Type.

The Ezmlm Arguments field displays the ezmlm-make argument string for reference. For a simplified overview of this List Type's configuration settings, click the View link. For a more detailed description of each argument and how it works in combination with other arguments, see Ezmlm Quick Reference Guide in the Appendix.

The ezmlm-make argument string can be edited directly. It does include some arguments that aren't presented in the web-based configuration options, but direct manipulation of this string is for experts only and is outside the scope of this documentation. The full array of ezmlm configuration options is documented on the ezmlm site: www.ezmlm.org.

Use the Manage List Types page to:

  • View existing mailing List Types and access tools that allow you to view, clone, edit, delete or change the List Type's status (i.e., 'activate' or 'deactivate').

  • Access a tool that allows you to add a custom List Type.

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How to Manage List Types


Add a List Type

Click Add a List Type if you want to create a custom List Type that isn't based on any existing List Types. If you want to add a new List Type that is very similar to an existing List Type, you will probably find it is faster and easier to clone the existing List Type then edit only those settings that you want to behave differently.


Click the View link to view information about an existing List Type.


Click the Edit link to edit an existing List Type. Be sure you read the help and understand the ezmlm configuration option you want to edit before making any changes because these edits affect every mailing list that uses the edited List Type. The Edit link is not displayed for default List Types because these types cannot be edited. Instead of editing a default type, you can clone it to create a new type based on the default type, then deactivate the default type if it is no longer needed.


Click the Delete link to delete a custom List Type. The 'Delete' link is displayed if this is a custom List Type that is not in use. If this is a default List Type, neither the Edit nor the Delete link are displayed because these types cannot be edited or deleted. If the Edit link is displayed but the Delete link is not, this is a custom type that is currently in use. To delete a custom List Type that is in use, click the View link and check the Existing Lists field to see which mailing lists are using this type. You can switch these list to a different (but compatible!) List Type through the Edit a Mailing List tool. When you return to the Manage List Types page, the Delete link will be displayed.


Click the Clone link to clone an existing List Type. This takes you to the Add a List Type tool with all the options prefilled to match the original List Type. Add a name, reset the desired options and save your new List Type.

Activate/Deactivate (Change Status)

Click the Activate or Deactivate link to change List Type status. The 'Activate' link is displayed if the List Type is currently inactive. The 'Deactivate' link is displayed if the List Type is currently active but not in use by a mailing list. If neither link is displayed, the List Type is currently active but is in use by a mailing list. If you want to deactivate this List Type, click the View link then see which mailing lists are displayed in the Existing Lists field. You can switch these list to a different (but compatible!) List Type through the Edit a Mailing List tool.

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