Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Chapter 47. Manage Mailing Lists


The Manage Mailing Lists page displays all available mailing lists in tabular list format, which you can sort by list name or list type, or search for by name. A link is available to Add a New List, or you may visit the Mailing List Home page to manage an existing list.

List Configuration

Mailing list configuration is primarily determined by the list type on which the list is based, with provisions for overriding list visibility at the list level. The list type determines the visibility of raw archives, but web-visible archive visibility is set at the list level, as are name, description, moderators and the Policy and Usage Statement.

Use the Manage Mailing Lists page to:

  • View all lists or search for a specific list by name.

  • Access a tool that allows you to add a new list.

  • Visit a list's home page so you can edit or delete the list, edit the list's subscribers or subscribe to the list.

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How to use the Manage Mailing Lists tool


Search for a mailing list by name, scroll through the tabular list or click the link to add a new list. To manage an existing list, click Visit List Home where you will have access to tools that allow you to edit or delete the list, subscribe to the list or edit the list's subscribers.

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