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Chapter 3. Managing Your Mailing List Subscriptions


This document introduces you to the tools you'll use to manage your mailing list subscriptions and provides other general information you should know. It assumes you are already familiar with the concept of mailing lists. If you are not very familiar with mailing lists or want to know more about how they work, see Introduction to Mailing Lists and Aliases.

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Keep Your Email Address and Account Up to Date

If you are subscribed to a mailing list, it's important to keep your email address information up to date via the My Account page so you continue to receive list messages and exercise your message posting privileges without unnecessary interruption. If your primary email address or other subscribed email address changes, any email sent to the invalid address will bounce. Because mailing lists have to process a high volume of messages, most mailing lists rely on automated bounce handling software to manage bounced messages and remove invalid email addresses. When messages sent from a mailing list to a specific email address bounce consistently over a period of several days, the bounce handler automatically unsubscribes the address. If your address is unsubscribed because of repeated bounces, you will have to resubscribe after the cause is addressed.

You may also be unsubscribed if your account is deactivated because of a lapse in membership or because you are no longer associated with the company you used to represent. When an account is deactivated, subscriptions are automatically removed. If your account is reactivated, your subscriptions are automatically restored.

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How to Manage Your Subscriptions

To begin managing your mailing list subscriptions, login and click on My Account, which is available in the left-hand navigation tab. Now click the View Available Lists button to go to the My Mailing Lists page. This page displays all the lists to which you are subscribed plus those for which you can add subscriptions. It displays a short description for each list and your subscriber status for each list. To familiarize yourself with a mailing list, view any available archives or manage your subscriber status, click the Mailing List Home link for that list.

This page doesn't display mailing lists that belong to workgroups and committees. To view these lists, visit the My Groups Page. You are automatically subscribed to Kavi Groups lists when you join a group.

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To manage your Kavi Mailing List Manager mailing list subscriptions, visit the My Mailing Lists page. Your organization may automatically subscribe you to its Members newsletter when you join and administrators may add other subscriptions for you depending on your membership type and the position you hold in the organization, so you may find that you are already subscribed to one or more mailing lists the first time you visit this page.

To change your subscription status, view any available archives, or get more information about a list so you can see whether you are interested in subscribing, click the Mailing List Home link. Links are provided that allow you to subscribe, change the type of subscription you hold or unsubscribe. If you are thinking about subscribing, read the Description and Policy and Usage sections. You may also visit the list archives to learn more about a list before joining if the Archives link is displayed. Archive availability may be restricted to subscribers only, in which case you won't see the link unless you subscribe.

Private lists aren't displayed on the My Mailing Lists page unless you are a subscriber. Only administrators can add subscribers to private lists, so if you need to subscribe to a private list, contact an administrator. Once you are subscribed to a private list it will appear on the My Mailing Lists page and you will be able to manage your subscription to the list and view available archives through the Mailing List Home page.

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Subscription Types

There are several Subscription Types, including two types you can use when signing up for a mailing list, and others that have to be assigned by administrators. Each of these Subscription Types has its own subscribers list. When you subscribe to a mailing list, your email address is added to one of these lists. Depending on your level of participation in the list and list policy, your email address could exist on more than one subscriber list, and you could be subscribed under more than one email address, as explained in this section.

Regular or Digest Subscriptions

When you subscribe to a mailing list, you frequently have the option of subscribing as a Regular Subscriber or as a Digest Subscriber. A Regular Subscriber is sent every message posted to the mailing list individually, and a Digest Subscriber is sent periodic digests of mailing list messages. If the list is private, an administrator will have to add the subscription for you.

Both of these subscribers see the same information and enjoy the same level of list access, including posting privileges, access to web-based archives and the ability to use ezmlm email address commands. The Regular Subscriber receives a higher number of individual messages and receives them more frequently. If you want to be sure you receive each message as soon as possible, this is probably the option you'd select. The Digest Subscriber receives messages periodically and with many messages rolled into one batch. If you don't care about receiving every message as soon as possible and don't want to deal with multiple messages piling up in your mailbox, you'd probably prefer this option. Select whichever option works best for you.

Special Subscription Types

List messages aren't sent to the email addresses on these subscriber lists. Instead, the mailing list software applies special rules to messages it receives from addresses on these subscriber lists. You cannot subscribe yourself directly to these kinds of subscriber lists, but may be added automatically or manually by an administrator.

Other Subscriber Lists

Allow, Posters and Cross-Posters

If this mailing list moderates messages from the public but allows subscribers to post directly or rejects messages from the public but accept messages from subscribers (even if these messages are sent for moderation), it probably has these other Subscriber Lists, which are used to grant subscriber-level posting privileges to email addresses that aren't on the Regular and Digest subscriber lists.


If your organization allows you to store multiple email addresses in your account information, your non-primary email addresses are automatically subscribed to the Posters Subscriber List for every mailing list that supports this feature.


Mailing list subscribers may have cross-posting privileges to other mailing lists. For example, you may be subscribed to list_a, but not to list_b, but if list_a can cross-post to list_b, you'll have subscriber-level posting privileges for list_b.


Administrators can add your email address to the Allow Subscriber List if you need to using another email address while on vacation or sabbatical, etc. You can also be added to the Allow Subscriber List if you need to be able to post to a mailing list but aren't eligible to subscribe.


If this is a moderated mailing list, the Moderators subscriber list contains the email addresses of list moderators. Moderators are the most privileged type of list user and are always able to post.


The Deny list isn't a subscriber list in the usual sense. The mailing list rejects messages from addresses on this list, even if the address belongs to a subscriber. Administrators may place addresses on the Deny list for posting inappropriate content or other list policy infractions.

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To unsubscribe from a mailing list, follow the instructions provided at the bottom of mailing list messages or click the Unsubscribe link on the Mailing List Home page.

If an Unsubscribe link is not displayed, you are required to receive messages from this mailing list under organization rules. If you are an organization member or member company representative, you may be required to subscribe to the Members mailing list, even if you are allowed to opt out of receiving most organization email. This is especially common if you are a Primary Contact. Moderators cannot unsubscribe themselves. In any case, if you wish to unsubscribe and an Unsubscribe link is not displayed, contact an administrator to have your address removed from the subscriber's list.

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Troubleshooting Information for Subscribers

If you have questions that this document hasn't answered, the Kavi Mailing List Manager Troubleshooting Guide may be of help. If the documents listed here don't address your needs, try searching the help for more information or contact support.

Documents on Troubleshooting:

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