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Chapter 50. Members Mailing Lists

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The Members Mailing Lists tool is used to view and manage Members Mailing Lists, which are query-based mailing lists where the Subscriber Lists are populated each time mail is sent to the list according to defined subscriber selection criteria. Because subscribers are selected dynamically, the subscriber lists always draw on current Kavi Members data. Once created, these lists are managed through standard Kavi Mailing List Manager Admin Area tools.

The query design is familiar to those who have used the Report Builder. By default, the Members list is available through this tool, along with all custom Members Mailing Lists on your website. These are all editable, even the default Members lists. The mailing list's subscriber criteria can can be edited at any time and the next time a message is sent to the list the subscriber lists are populated according to the revised query. For example, you can set user criteria to respect the privacy opt-out flag, to send email to primary contacts only or to create mailing lists for certain types of members. Since the query is run each time a message is posted to the mailing list, you can add a Members Mailing List based on the last login date to send email ticklers to non-participatory members or member representatives inviting them to login and update their information. Since the query must check for a last login date that occurs before a specified date, the date range criteria for this mailing list needs to be updated each time you want to send a new message.

Use the Members Mailing Lists page to:

View all existing Members Mailing Lists and access tools to manage these lists or add new ones.

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View existing Members Mailing Lists and access tools to Add or Manage lists.


List Name

The name assigned to the mailing list.

List Type

This will be Announce Only for all Members Mailing Lists. By default, mailing lists based on this List Type are hidden from everyone except administrators. Only moderators can post to the list and the moderator must approve his or her own message to prove that the message was sent by the moderator and not by someone spoofing the moderator's identity.


A short description of the mailing list and its subscribers.


The Manage link is displayed.

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