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Chapter 72. Moderate Pending Messages


Use the Moderate Pending Messages tool when you want to review and approve or delete messages that have been sent to the mailing list moderation queues for all mailing lists, for a specific list or for a specific sender on any or all mailing lists. Messages that you accept are immediately posted to the mailing list. Any messages that you delete are immediately removed from the moderation queue without any notification to the sender. You can also skip messages. Skipped messages wait in the moderation queue until action is taken or until they timeout. The average default timeout is 5 days (120 hrs). If you want to compose an email to a sender, click the Sender's email address. To moderate messages in bulk, select the Moderation Action for each message, then press the Preview button. To moderate a message singly, click the View/Moderate link for this message to be taken to the View/Moderate Pending Message tool. Moderating a message individually also allows you to add the sender to the Allow or Deny Subscriber Lists.


The Delete moderation action performed through this webtool is different than the Reject moderation action performed via ezmlm email commands. When a message is moderated via email and rejected, the ezmlm software wraps the message in a rejection notice and returns it to the sender. When a message is moderated via a webtool and deleted, the message is removed without generating any automated sender notification. If you wish to send a sender notification when using this tool, you can create one manually by clicking the sender's email address. Administrators often find it preferable not to notify the sender when an email is rejected.

Use the Moderate Pending Messages tool to:

  • Moderate multiple messages at once.

  • Access a tool that allows you to moderate an individual message and optionally add the sender to the Allow or Deny Subscriber List.

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How to Moderate Pending Messages


Review a list of messages in the moderation queue. You can set the Moderation Action to 'Accept' or 'Delete' for those messages you wish to act on, or leave this value set to 'Skip' for any messages that you don't wish to act upon at this time. Skipped messages eventually timeout (after approximately five days by default), are wrapped in a timeout message and returned to sender, so you don't have to act on every single message in the moderation queue because stale messages are automatically cleaned out. You can also click a sender email address if you want to send a personalized message to someone with a message in the moderation queue.

If you want to moderate a single mailing list, enter the mailing list name in the List Name text box and click the Search button. If you want to moderate posts from a specific sender, enter the sender's email address in the Sender text box and click Search. The search can perform partial matches, so if you only enter an email domain in the Sender text box, your search would return all senders using that domain. This is also true of the List Name search. For example, you could retrieve messages for all mailing lists whose names begin with the letter 'a' by entering 'a' in the List Name text box. If you enter values in both the List Name and Sender fields, the results display moderation messages that meet both of these criteria.

You can reduce or expand the number of results displayed on a single page by selecting the desired value in the 'Results per page' pull-down list, then clicking the Change button. If the results are displayed on multiple pages, you can set the moderation actions for pending messages on all pages before moving on to the next step.

When you are satisfied with your moderation actions, click the Preview button to proceed to the Preview step.

Search Fields:

Mailing List

To narrow the results a specific mailing list, select the mailing list name.


Enter a full or partial address for the envelope sender if you are searching for messages from a particular sender or email domain.

Results Fields:


The timestamp added by the receiving MTA. If this is a Kavi-hosted website, this value shows Pacific Standard Time (PST).

List Name

The name of this mailing list.


The email address of the envelope sender who sent this message.


An excerpt of the email subject line of this pending message.


Click this link if you want to view message details in the View/Moderate Pending Message tool, or if you want to permanently add the sender to the Allow or Deny Subscriber List.

Moderation Action

To view this message, then proceed without taking any action, leave these fields set to the default values 'Skip'. To approve a message and send it directly to the mailing list, set this field to 'Accept'. To delete a message that shouldn't be sent to the mailing list, select 'Delete'.


Messages pending moderation are displayed, along with the Moderation Action to be performed for each message. Accepted messages are immediately posted to the mailing list. Deleted messages are immediately and permanently removed from the moderation queue without automated email notification. Skipped messages remain in the moderation queue until they are acted upon or timeout. If you want to send an email to any of these senders, click the sender's email address. When you are satisfied with your settings, click the Save button to perform these moderation actions.


The total number of messages that have been Accepted, Deleted or Skipped is displayed. You may use the Back button if you wish to return to the prior step to send an email or review which action was taken on which message, but you won't be able to edit your actions.

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